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78) Among genes overexpressed in MM, several were involved in cell cycle checkpoints, such as CDK1/CDC2 (cyclin-dependent kinase 1), CDC6 (cell division cycle 6, a regulator of replication), CDKN2C (cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2C, p18), CCNH (cyclin H), CCNB1 (cyclin B1, controlling the cell cycle at the G2/ M transition), CHEK1 (Chk1 is required for checkpoint-mediated cell cycle arrest in response to DNA damage), and FOXM1 (forkhead transcription factor, a regulator of gene expression in the G2 phase).
Although designing drugs is a huge challenge, the discovery will allow researchers to create molecules that mimic thiostrepton but are even more effective at blocking the effects of FOXM1.
Expression of several genes appeared to be down regulated, including FOXM1 , thought to be a direct target of hedgehog signaling; K167, function unkown; and Retinoblastoma (RB), E2F2, and E2F4.
In the study, Dr Teh's team investigated the role of a gene called FOXM1 in mouth cancer.
If you already have a mouth lesion that is expressing high levels of FOXM1 and you expose it to nicotine, it may add to the risk of converting it into cancer.