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In this study, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and direct sequencing were performed in 5 aGCTs from male patients to investigate whether FOXL2 402[right arrow]CrG (C134W) also occurs in granulosa cell tumors arising in men.
Both PCR and direct sequencing of the FOXL2 gene were performed as specified below.
These markers (ALX4, EYA4, FOXL2, and SIX6) will be tested in subsequent studies to evaluate their clinical performance.
In the new study, they created a mouse in which they could turn the FOXL2 gene off in the ovarian follicles at any time.
Like Yin and Yang, FOXL2 and SOX9 oppose each other's action to ensure together the establishment and maintenance of the different female and male supporting cell types respectively," Treier said.
Polyalanine expansions have been described in 9 genes (HOXD13, RUNX2, ZIC2, HOXA13, FOXL2, SOX3, ARX, PHOX2B, and PABPNI) as the cause of congenital defects (8, 9).