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(computer science) coded instructions that are stored permanently in read-only memory

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Zeeis delivers FOTA client and FOTA server software with full compatibility and high reliability for device manufacturers, mobile network operators, semiconductor companies or operation system development companies.
In an FIA statement with the headline 'Setting The Record Straight' after FOTA stated the future of F1 was again "in jeopardy", the governing body have claimed the signing of the Concorde Agreement could be done "in the coming days.
In particular the manufacturer teams have provided assistance to the independent teams, a number of which would probably not be in the sport today without the FOTA initiatives," FOTA said in a statement.
The man who brokered the deal between the FIA and FOTA was F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone, who was facing the prospect of seeing his pounds 1.
As Massa remarks, it is slowly drawing to a point where the current eight members of FOTA may be forced to go their own way.
vCurrent Mobile FOTA software enables operators and device manufacturers to upgrade software quickly and efficiently over the air.
Both say they lost confidence in Helen Sinclair, founder and fund-raiser/organiser of FOTA and secretary of K9; and Martin Gomez, treasurer of both charities.
Known for innovation and quality, Japan's mobile operators were the first to adopt FOTA in the mid 2000s, and today lead the industry in using FOTA to regularly deliver new software versions and quality improvements to mobile consumers.
FOTA FINISH Miss Ireland Jessica Hayes gives Santa a kiss during Imagine, the Christmas at Fota Island resort in Co Cork
FOTA are looking for the inaugural Indian Grand Prix to revert back to its original October 30 date, while at the same time leaving the door ajar for a potential race in Bahrain in early December.
A number of meetings, internally and within FOTA - an umbrella organisation that includes 11 of the marques with the exception of Hispania Racing - have taken place.
FOTA, the teams association, has spent more time dealing with CVC, Formula One's commercial rights holder, than with Ecclestone in recent weeks in an attempt to resolve the matter.
BMW Sauber boss Mario Theissen has confirmed FOTA are keeping "all options open" amid their row with the FIA.
The future of Formula One is again "in jeopardy" after the eight members of FOTA walked out of a meeting with the FIA.
Wednesday's meeting with FIA president Max Mosley was convened to agree to the final points of detail, but ended in acrimony after FOTA concluded that the FIA was again attempting to move goalposts at the last moment.