FORTRAN program

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a program written in FORTRAN

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6) is correspondent with output of Fortran program but checking of graphs of this factor (fig.
6) offer the best answer but none of relative integrals have accordance with FORTRAN program.
2], and then by FORTRAN program different status of integral of [I.
The bivariate statistical method involved log-ratio transformation procedures and a computer FORTRAN program developed by Weltje (1993) for construction of 90, 95, and 99% confidence regions.
Figure 3 shows the 90, 95, and 99% confidence regions constructed using a computer FORTRAN program developed by Weltje (1993).
A FORTRAN program has been developed to numerically compute the Green's tensor for a layer on a half-space with three different bonding conditions between the layer and the half-space.
John Levesque, president of APR, said, "APR has been formed to develop and market parallel programming tools for the efficient conversion of FORTRAN programs to a variety of multiprocessing and parallel systems.
This approach makes it possible to use the tools employed by Microway in the past to drive vector processors like the i860, while at the same time enabling historic vectorization tools like VAST, that can automatically convert serial Fortran codes into Fortran programs that utilize vector FPGA primitives.
By using KAP tools, developers will see greater performance increases in their C and FORTRAN programs.
FORGE 90(B) will also be available to enable High Performance FORTRAN (HPF) parallel programs to run on the SP1 and assist in parallelizing existing serial FORTRAN programs for the system.
The new high performance Fortran language compiler has special features, based on specifications drawn up by a collaboration of Digital and other industry and research participants, that help developers convert traditional Fortran programs to run on parallel computers.
The new Network Services Facility (NSF) links C and FORTRAN programs to generative models allowing developers to build distributed applications.
IDL's powerful graphics, plotting, image processing, and numerics are easily accessible, as an "engine" or library, from developers' C or FORTRAN programs.