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examination of tissues or liquids from the living body to determine the existence or cause of a disease

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The main diagnostic modalities are FNA biopsy and imaging.
However, a clear distinction between potentially malignant nodules that require FNA biopsy and benign leave alone" nodules is not always feasible because of considerable overlap in the US features of benign and malignant nodular thyroid disease.
FNA biopsy revealed cryptococcal organisms, and the patient responded to antifungal chemotherapy.
This text for pathologists, cytologists, and residents provides a guide to the acquisition, interpretation, and diagnosis of FNA biopsy specimens.
Do an FNA biopsy and check the TSH level in every patient with possible thyroid cancer, advised Dr.
The diagnosis following an FNA biopsy was gynecomastia.
Cirilo Galang, Paul Johenning and John Maksem, ODL introduced the trans-rectal FNA biopsy of the prostate utilizing liquid phase fixation.
FNA biopsy should be avoided when pheochromocytoma or echinococcal parasitic cysts are suspected.
Since cryptococcal abscesses may clinically mimic malignant neoplasm, FNA biopsy can serve as a rapid and non-invasive diagnostic modality.
Szafranska's presentation will highlight the clinical relevance of miRNA biomarkers in identifying pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and how, when used in combination with an FNA biopsy procedure, these biomarkers could aid pathological evaluation of suspicious cases and become a valuable asset in definitive diagnosis of this dismal disease.
This typically results in a descriptive FNA biopsy diagnosis and is reported as a "basaloid neoplasm" with a comment detailing the differential diagnostic possibilities and limitations of definitive classification because of the morphologic appearance.