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examination of tissues or liquids from the living body to determine the existence or cause of a disease

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If the nodule is not hyper-functioning, cytologic diagnosis is made by endocrinologist-performed FNA biopsy, usually without imaging guidance.
FNA biopsy is another useful tool in distinguishing adrenal masses.
In FNA biopsy samples, for example, the smallest panel resulted in a sensitivity of 53 percent and a specificity of 93 percent.
FNA biopsy should be avoided when pheochromocytoma or echinococcal parasitic cysts are suspected.
Ultrasound facilitated FNA biopsy of vaguely palpable or nonpalpable lesions in 19 patients.
Szafranska's presentation will highlight the clinical relevance of miRNA biomarkers in identifying pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and how, when used in combination with an FNA biopsy procedure, these biomarkers could aid pathological evaluation of suspicious cases and become a valuable asset in definitive diagnosis of this dismal disease.
PCR- or sequencing-based DNA analysis is often limited by the need for a DNA quantity that is difficult to procure from an FNA biopsy.
The reports of all patients who underwent thyroid FNA biopsy and thyroidectomy with histologic evaluation were reviewed in accordance with institutional review board guidelines.