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modulation of the frequency of the (radio) carrier wave

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a radioactive transuranic metallic element produced by bombarding plutonium with neutrons

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FMS customers are assured they will receive the right thing at the best value price.
FMS has a number of current government contracts and tier-one customers within the government sector.
Agencies involved in the FMS program have made some changes in the program but have not corrected the weaknesses GAO previously identified in the FMS program's shipment verification process, and the expanded monitoring program lacks written guidance to select countries to visit to ensure compliance with requirements.
VA FMS consists of 'FlexMail', a Postfix-based high-performance mail transfer agent improved by VA Linux, 'FlexPOP', the original POP server which supports Maildir style, 'FlexIMAP', a Courier-IMAP based IMAP server especially tuned for large-scale mail system, and the original SPAM filtering solution for MTA called
Most FMS patients have an associated sleep disorder known as the "alpha-EEG anomaly.
Based partly on interviews with dozens of FMS users and vendors, industry analysts, consultants, and other experts, the study is summarized in a new, 128-pg report called "A Competitive Assessment of the US Flexible Manufacturing Systems Industry.
AFSAC, AFSAT, and the C-130 systems program office at WR-ALC worked tirelessly to design and rapidly build both the pseudo FMS case and follow-on two-year FMS sustainment case.
What is the real extent of FMS in individual Western European markets, in terms of the displacement of fixed voice lines and in terms of fixed and mobile networks' respective share of total voice traffic and revenue?
The value of FMS Management Service ("FMS SG") is a subsidiary of FMS-WM.
The global and diversified markets for which FMS provides value have enabled us to continue growing during this down economy," said Cliff Henley, Founder and CEO of FMS.
He addressed the enormous challenges the RNLAF is facing in dealing with the FMS system and importance of FMS in supporting their requirements in an era of austere budgets.
FMS 04 can trade Danish shares listed on the main market as well as shares admitted to trade on First North in Denmark.
The FMS Wertmanagement AE[micro]R ("FMS-WM" or "Contracting Authority") is an organizationally and financially independent, some legal entity under public law within the Federal Agency for Financial Market Stabilisation (FMSA).
Data is received, stored, and analyzed at the FMS Network Operations Center.
Task orders can also provide studies, analysis and technical services for the FMS customer.