frequency modulation

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modulation of the frequency of the (radio) carrier wave


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Although equipped with its own integrated speaker, the new iWay 350c features a built-in, full spectrum FM modulator for wirelessly streaming music and navigation voice directions through any open FM radio channel.
Features: * Plays DVD/ CD/ CD-R/ CD-RW/ MP3 * Easy-fit Universal Metal Mounting Bracket * TFT Active matrix Display with 16:9/ 4:3 format * On-screen Display (OSD) * 2 A/V Outputs and 1 Video Output * Convenient External A/V Game Port (Included) * Lightweight Plastic Housing * IR Audio Output for Wireless Headphones (2 Piece Headset included WH104H) * Front-Panel FM Modulator and Picture Adjustment Controls * Control Cable (Included for optional FM200) * Remote Control * Built-in Dome Light OHM156 - 15.
The brain houses a wireless FM modulator with five factory-set frequencies and one definable by the user; a 3.
The unit ships standard with the GXM 30 antenna, integrated FM modulator, City Navigator(TM) North America NT maps pre-loaded, a 12-volt power cable with external speaker, alphanumeric remote control, PC/USB interface cable, AC power adapter, beanbag mount, dash mount, owner's manual and quick reference setup guide.
Second on the list is a Terk XM Commander ($159) that combines a receiver and FM modulator to work with any car radio.
The Monaco Dynasty contains a master bedroom suite, full bath, two flat screen TVs with DVD/VCR, a complete home theater system including surround-sound stereo, gourmet kitchen with microwave and convection oven, four-door refrigerator/freezer, GPS navigation system with flip-up monitor, satellite radio system with FM modulator and a fully automated in-motion digital satellite system.
Other features include dome lights and an FM modulator.
Installation is easy and quick via a head unit's auxiliary input jacks or FM modulator.
For 2005, Audiovox will offer ten models consisting of seven multi-media head units ranging in size from 1/2 to double DIN with TV tuners and touch- screen capability, two CD changers and an FM modulator.
The unit also has a built-in wireless FM modulator, personalized stock ticker, personalized sports scores, a clock, TuneSelect(TM) and much more.
These top-quality systems generally consist of a Flat Panel Display (FPD) TV screen, a videocassette recorder, an overhead console, a video game interface, an FM modulator to access factory installed audio and a complete wiring harness for manufacturing point or local dealer installation.
The product also has a stock ticker, sports scores ticker, built-in wireless FM modulator, and several other innovative features.