Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

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an act passed by Congress in 1978 to establish procedures for requesting judicial authorization for foreign intelligence surveillance and to create the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court


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Yet the Bush administration has been violating the FISA laws and has had the National Security Agency (NSA) engage in domestic spying, including the "data mining" of millions of phone calls.
But once the government instead decides to follow a law enforcement strategy, those powers are not implicated, and there is no constitutional basis for a FISA law enforcement investigation.
Today I'd like to explain why it is so urgent that Congress update the FISA law effective immediately and permanently.
First, our administration feels strongly that an updated FISA law should be made permanent, not merely extended again with another sunset provision.
Now, he wants to extend a contested provision of the FISA law that is set to expire at year's end.
Bush pretended in his State of the Union address, just as he has in his actions, that the FISA law doesn't even exist.
Q Are you saying the President is going to veto any change in the FISA law, eavesdropping on all Americans?
Q On the FISA law, does the President want a simple extension of the current law, the six-month law, or are there amendments?
Some telecommunications firms commendably refused to participate with the administration, citing the need to stay within the lines of the FISA law, as well as clearly worded privacy and civil rights statutes.
STANZEL: Congressman Boehner is focused on the goal of modernizing the FISA law.
But the DNI in April sent Congress a proposal -- I believe it was 66 pages -- about changes that needed to be made to the FISA law.
Bush has broken over 200 FISA laws - laws which explicitly govern the way foreign and domestic electronic communications must be monitored.