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an act passed by Congress in 1978 to establish procedures for requesting judicial authorization for foreign intelligence surveillance and to create the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

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said during a debate on amending the FISA Act, "The public has absolutely no idea what the court is actually saying.
After a FISC Judge subsequently narrowed the FISC's authorization of such surveillance, however, the Executive asked Congress to amend FISA so that it would provide the intelligence community with additional authority to meet the challenges of modern technology and international terrorism.
FISA have made an assessment of the situation and are confident the regatta can go ahead," said FISA official Marion Gallimore Rongere.
It's also important to note that previous versions of the act, including the one that passed the Senate most recently, provide some judicial oversight of the executive branch's surveillance activities, but less than the original FISA.
Our understanding is that some FISA judges have been open to expediting warrants, as well as granting retroactive approval.
The NSA's circumvention of FISA has yielded no demonstrable national security benefits.
Much of the memo is devoted to explaining things that weren't disclosed in the FISA application -- mostly that the Steele dossier was funded by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign and that Steele and others involved were biased and untrustworthy.
We're disappointed with the passage of the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act and the misleading statements supporters of the bill made about the collection of communications, the process by which these records are obtained by the FBI, and the alternatives offered by privacy-minded members of the House and Senate like Justin Amash, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and others," the vice president of legislative affairs of activist group FreedomWorks, Jason Pye, said in a statement.
House members voted, 256-164, to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, which now goes to the Senate.
La FISA, qui represente officiellementle secteur, dement categoriquement l'importation d'aliments de volaille qui representent un haut risque cancerigene pour le poulet marocain, et confirme l'autosuffisance du secteur par rapport a tout ce qui est lie a l'alimentation.
The Obama administration revealed the violations to the FISA court on October 26.
16) Similarly, FISA poses other issues concerning the collection and dissemination of intelligence for prosecutorial purposes.
The doomsday option, which world rowing's governing body FISA were quick to play down, would have a catastrophic effectTeam GB's target of winning more medals than at any other Olympics.
The court rightly found that Section 215 of FISA does not authorize this sort of mass, warrantless and suspicionless surveillance, but instead requires that its powers be used only if the information sought is relevant to a particular suspect under investigation," said CAIR Senior Staff Attorney William Burgess.
Numerous commentators have bemoaned both the FISA courts' secretive nature and the content of specific legal interpretations revealed in their leaked opinions.