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part of a patient's medical history in which questions are asked in an attempt to find out whether the patient has hereditary tendencies toward particular diseases

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Also, the possibility of soil freezing along the foundation was investigated, and it was found that the presence of the FHX did not add to the freezing of the soil near the foundation, even for the coldest location tested.
By simulating a house using an FHX system in multiple climate zones in the U.
In order to investigate the range of FHX applicability, a small-scale parametric study was performed.
To test the behavior of the FHX system in various locations, a prototype house based on the experimental house near Oak Ridge, Tennessee (Shonder and Spitler 2009), was created in the EnergyPlus environment (Crawley 2001).
The EFT to the heat pump, which is assumed to be the same as the temperature exiting the FHX, was validated against a full year's experimental data.
Figure 16 shows ground temperatures measured near the FHX tubing on the north side of the house.
since the initial conditions of the model are based on weather data from a site some distance from the actual experiment, and because the soil was disturbed during the installation of the FHX, it is expected that the initial soil temperature profile is not exact.