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a city in north central Morocco

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Shortly after the dispute exchanges and MTFs agreed to harmonise tick sizes based on the FESE tables.
It was negotiated by the Commission with the main industry bodies FESE, EACH and ECSDA, and was signed on 7 November 2006.
The market infrastructure provided by FESE members is crucial to delivering European economic growth through enterprise and entrepreneurship.
The London Stock Exchange, which announced its decision to leave FESE last September, has also been part of the discussions and revealed plans to unbundle its own data shortly after the FESE announcement in July.
The Code of Conduct, in particular, has been a major achievement for exchanges, clearing houses and central securities depositories, and I look forward to continuing work with colleagues in EACH and the related associations FESE and ECSDA once it has been fully adopted," says Rory Cunningham.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Jukka Ruuska, President of OMX Nordic Exchange, has been appointed President of the Federation of European Securities Exchanges, FESE.
FESE claims that BCSs operate in a similar fashion to other regulated markets and should be governed as such, while brokers counter that their dark pools are already subject to strict regulations as part of their best execution obligations to clients.
The 2005/2006 edition includes lead articles from the European Central Bank, the European Covered Bond Council and FESE (Federation of European Securities Exchanges).
FESE announced its plans shortly before European regulatory body the Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR) released its advice to the European Commission for reforming MiFID, based on an industry consultation in April.
For example, FESE noted that the obligation to disclose inside information should not apply to issuers with instruments that only traded on an MTF.