Federal Emergency Management Agency

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an independent agency of the United States government that provides a single point of accountability for all federal emergency preparedness and mitigation and response activities

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One of the must successful FEMA directors was James Lee Witt, who under President Bill Clinton, turned the agency around through his leadership rather than an outside force mandating change.
For example, when he made the FEMA Director his top official directing relief efforts, he did not realize the Brown was unqualified, lacking the training necessary to be eligible for that position (Marek, 2006b).
Its efforts were so successful that the person who led them, Vice Admiral Thad Allen, was chosen as the replacement FEMA director when Michael Brown was relieved of his duties.
For Bush, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, and former FEMA Director Mike Brown, the organization existed only as an occasion for plunder, payoffs, and posturing.
Like in the other two bills, the FEMA director would report directly to the president.
FEMA Director Louis Giuffrida resigned in 1985 after becoming the subject of a federal investigation into alleged fraud and mismanagement.
There was absolutely no reason to characterize a "cleavage-heavy bimbo" as an "improvement" over former FEMA Director Michael Brown, and to insinuate that President George W.
FEMA is committed to the recovery of the Gulf Coast region, and we understand the critical role small and minority-owned businesses must play in these efforts," said Acting FEMA Director David Paulison in a March 31 statement.
The lawlessness, the crime that is occurring, did surprise us," former FEMA Director Michael Brown told NBC's Today show about the violence and looting that followed Hurricane Katrina.
On September 4, FEMA Director Michael Brown (who resigned eight days later) said the agency was "pulling out all the stops" for its next task, temporary housing.
The transformation of a million Americans into refugees was not simply the product of a failed levy or the mismanagement of a single FEMA director.
David Paulson, acting FEMA director, announcing that Dec.
FEMA Director Mike Brown was relieved of command too late.
Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco has refused to federalise National Guard troops and has hired James Lee Witt, the Clinton administration's FEMA director, as an advisor.
She is reportedly reluctant to lose control of the recovery effort and to add insult to injury has hired James Lee Witt, the Clinton administration's Fema director, as an adviser.