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an independent agency of the United States government that provides a single point of accountability for all federal emergency preparedness and mitigation and response activities

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The 90 day appeal and comment period, which allows the City and its residents to present alternative methodologies and provide scientific and technical information to propose revisions to the preliminary maps from FEMA, is an important part of the flood hazard map update process.
Atkins is pleased to be continuing our work on this important FEMA program.
But, a FEMA spokesman says the senators' contention is wrong, and that FEMA is following the law.
Robert Alvey, spokesman for FEMA in this region, said inspectors are contractors who don't necessarily represent the agency.
Use this interactive map to see the number of declared disasters in each state from 1998 to June 2011 and the total funding in public assistance grants the state has received from FEMA to mitigate the costs.
Federal Computer Week said FEMA started creating the "after-action" reports in 2003 under the Remedial Action Management Program (RAMP) to show lessons learned and pass on best practices to its staff.
He is often credited not only for bringing related experience to FEMA but for raising the agency's level of professionalism and ability to respond to disasters.
Recommendation: To enhance the identification, management, and protection of SSI within FEMA in its administration of the Recovery Act PSGP, the FEMA Administrator should direct Grant Programs Directorate (GPD)'s SSI Coordinator to review Recovery Act PSGP investment justifications in FEMA's possession and ensure that they are appropriately marked as SSI.
The San Francisco Water Department received about $800,000 from FEMA for storm-related damage.
But it took the article in the Washington Post describing the event nineteen paragraphs to share the answer with readers: FEMA was reacting to a story by the Daily Star of Hammond, Louisiana, criticizing FEMA for letting the electric bills for the park go unpaid so often that the power was turned off on three separate occasions.
In the closing days of the 109th Congress, lawmakers voted to provide FEMA more autonomy from DHS, reunited preparedness functions with response capabilities, which were separated when DHS was created, and reestablish FEMA's comprehensive responsibility and relationship with state and local governments.
In the wake of Katrina and Rita, DLA delivered millions of Meals Ready to Eat, or MREs (the high-calorie meals designed for soldiers in combat operations) as well as lower calorie commercial ready-to-eat meals for FEMA.
Purchased by FEMA a year ago to help shelter the victims of Hurricane Katrina, the mobile homes remain on this huge storage lot unused.
CASTAIC - The Newhall County Water District is reviewing potential uses of a former elementary school site that was ordered abandoned by FEMA because it lies in the path of Castaic Dam, officials said Monday.