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a cooperative nationwide system of banks and associations providing credit to farmers and related businesses

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At the other end of the FCS size spectrum is the Manned Ground Vehicle Chassis Testbed, which demonstrated its agility and speed during circuits of a small test track at APG's Perryman Test Range.
The initial system configuration of the FCS contained nine manned ground vehicles, four classes of unmanned aerial vehicles, four different unmanned robotic ground vehicles, and numerous unmanned ground sensors, communications networks, and intelligence systems.
This FCS selection gives us the opportunity to serve the Army's transformation needs and advance the ground robotics field in support of our troops on the ground.
FCS is composed of The Soldier, supported by an advanced communications and digital information network that connects 18 manned and unmanned ground and aerial vehicles and sensors and munitions.
By teaming with SAIC, we were able to merge the best of each of our concepts to provide the lowest risk approach to achieving initial operational capability in this decade and a rapid evolution to the most capable FCS force possible," Ron Prosser, vice president of Advanced Space and Communications for Phantom Works said.
We are not only supplying the most technically advanced parts planning and service system available, but also providing our experienced planning team to assist FCS to consistently exceed record service levels with minimal inventory.
It will provide the network capability that is the backbone of FCS for both current-force platforms and also for future-force manned and unmanned ground vehicle and unmanned air vehicles.
BAE Systems, as part of the firewalled FCS One Team, teamed with General Dynamics, is already working to develop and field a family of highly deployable Manned Ground Vehicles that will be key supporting systems linked through the overarching network that will enable the FCS-equipped Units of Action to effectively complete their missions.
SCOPE will enable FCS to leverage the advantages of mobile handheld terminals to track and manage cargo in real-time within the cargo terminal.
According to Dennis Muilenburg, Vice President and FCS Program Manager for Boeing, "Robots and robotic technology are integral components of many FCS systems.
LynuxWorks enables developers to easily move FCS applications between those that have been developed for standard Linux environments and those targeted for embedded RTOS platforms with no costly or lengthy porting process.
iRobot is charged with developing a next-generation Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) for the groundbreaking FCS program.
The entirety of FCS software depends upon the flawless operation of the SOSCOE," said Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems vice president and general manager of Future Combat Systems.
NEW YORK -- On July 30, 2004, Farm Credit Services of America, ACA (FCS of America), a System Association headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, and Rabobank, a Dutch banking cooperative, announced an agreement for Rabobank to acquire all of the shares of FCS of America from its shareholders.