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an independent government agency that regulates interstate and international communications by radio and television and wire and cable and satellite

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In 1989, the FCC ruled that a waiver was required, and in the public's interest, because of the technological and marketing innovations offered by the GTE Cerritos project and the potential public interest benefits to consumers.
The FCC contends that micropowered stations interfere with legal stations.
Krock neatly summarizes the most powerful argument the FCC and other critics have raised against micro stations: that they interfere with other stations' signals.
When the FCC made them a consortium, they said AMSC had to act like a common carrier," Noreen said.
Having obtained FCC certification streamlines the process for current and future WiQuest customers to gain FCC approval for products based on this reference design and WiQuest's UWB chipset.
By buying that line, the courts allowed the commission to go into the editorial business in a funny way: While the FCC couldn't directly tell broadcasters what to air, it certainly could hammer them with regulations in "the public interest.
The decision, if reaffirmed in the adoption of certain rules and policies by the FCC, would allow Mtel to use spectrum in the 930-931 MHz band to operate a Nationwide Wireless Network (NWN) in the United States.
The LPFCC process is therefore attractive to refiners who want to separately process low-grade and heavy feedstocks in a small auxiliary unit operating in parallel to their conventional FCC unit.
In a letter sent to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin during the comment period leading up to the final rule, Chairman Upton expressed concern about implementing rules that may overly burden legitimate business activities conducted by fax.
These manufacturers obtain certification on their own and, to our knowledge, those manufacturers have satisfied their FCC certification obligations.
The FCC recently required VRS providers to comply with speed of answer rules and allow consumers to call the interpreters of any provider.
AspenTech, aspenONE, Aspen Plus, Aspen Plus Optimizer, Aspen FCC and the aspen leaf logo are trademarks of Aspen Technology, Inc.
TV Answer also conducted a two-year test of interactive television under an experimental license issued by the FCC.
This grant means that Ambient's X(2) has been certified by the FCC to be fully compliant with FCC rules and requirements for Access BPL equipment.
At last we would have had a meaty court challenge to indecency law and the FCC's inconsistent enforcement of it--an opportunity to stand up for the First Amendment against the cynical political prudery of both parties, the overblown influence of religious pressure groups, and the censorship of the FCC.