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Synonyms for ago

Synonyms for ago

gone by


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BRAF and FBXW7 (CDC4, FBW7, AGO, SEL10) mutations in distinct subsets of pancreatic cancer: potential therapeutic targets.
Specifically, NGS revealed mutations in the PIK3CA (33%), FBXW7 (14%), and AKT1 (2%) genes, and IHC detected loss of the PTEN protein in 54% of samples, suggesting that agents targeting the PI3-kinase pathway may be useful in tumors harboring these mutations.
Sequencing data from SCLC samples revealed a wider spectrum of mutations, with variants detected in TP53 (57%); RB1 (11%); ATM, cMET, and PTEN (6-7%); BRAF, SMAD4, and KRAS (3-4%); and ABL1, APC, CTNNB1, EGFR, FBXW7, FGFR2, HNF1A, HRAS, JAK3, MLH1, and PIK3CA (1-2%).
Significantly underexpressed cancer genes included: BRCA1, BRCA2, CDKN2A, CTNNA1, DKK1, FBXW7, NF1, PTEN, and SFN.
For non-FIPV-related cancers, which account for the majority of head and neck tumors, they looked for mutations in cancer-related genes that included TP53, PIK3CA, CDKN2A, FBXW7, HRAS, and NRAS.