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a federal law enforcement agency that is the principal investigative arm of the Department of Justice

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Like lawyers and cab drivers, FBI agents must log exactly what they've done during every working moment.
Authorities contend that Bertrang, who has a Web site devoted to body piercing, offered in 2002 to perform circumcision on the fictional 8- and 12-year-old daughters of an undercover FBI agent.
Experienced FBI Agents are often able to return to service and can provide valuable insight and expertise that has been developed over their years of experience.
The guidelines also permit FBI agents to roam at will through the Internet to hunt for potential subversives.
But her most telling observation was her recollection of bitter jokes made by Minneapolis FBI agents that "the key FBI HQ personnel had to be spies or moles, like Robert Hansen [sic], who were actually working for Osama bin Laden to have so undercut Minneapolis' effort.
This legislation will allow the FBI to help families of FBI Agents killed in the line of duty relocate back to their home communities.
In her revealing memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller, Minnesota FBI Agent Coleen Rowley inadvertently spotlighted two monumental problems that go to the heart of America's massive failures in the face of terrorism: official sabotage of counter-terrorism efforts, and official cover-up after the fact.
11, 2001, attacks, an FBI agent shot an angry email to an FBI analyst who was blocking him from following up on an important terrorist lead.
11 revealed six photographs of current and former FBI agents.
He founded Talon in 1994 and today its advanced team of former Secret Service and FBI agents specialize in threat assessment for companies in public transportation, pharmaceutical and entertainment industries.
While FBI agents were still investigating Leung, her luggage was covertly searched Nov.
in our January 28, 2002 issue), Schippers told a Pittsburgh radio audience on September 13th that he had learned from FBI agents in Minnesota and Chicago that a massive terrorist attack had been planned for lower Manhattan.
Nasdaq: ADSXE), an advanced technology development company, commented today on the recent arrest of five individuals, including two FBI agents, allegedly involved in a stock manipulation scheme that the company believes included ADSX shares.
LANCASTER - Sheriff's deputies and FBI agents searched two Lancaster homes and arrested a teenager in connection with the July 18 robbery of a Lancaster bank.
But current and former FBI agents in Oklahoma City say they received documents pointing to another person or even a cell of Middle Eastern operatives.