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Synonyms for fascia

a sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue separating or binding together muscles and organs etc

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In ancient Rome, fasces were carried by retainers in front of governmental officials as they moved about to signify the power of their office.
With a frigate's anchors for my bridle-bitts and fasces of harpoons for spurs, would I could mount that whale and leap the topmost skies, to see whether the fabled heavens with all their countless tents really lie encamped beyond my mortal sight
The fasces is carried by Roman soldiers who performed peacekeeping duties.
course an ancient sun symbol, the fasces a mark of power over life.
Her skin is prematurely lined around the mouth and under the eyes, and fasces of vertical wrinkles divide the straight line of the eyebrows--yet she is still beautiful in the dignity of her suffering.
As I indicated in the Melanges Menard,(4) the ultimate source of the above passage is the Epitome de Caesaribus, usually associated with the name of Sextus Aurelius Victor, a fourth-century historian: `Diocletianus vero apud Nicomediam sponte imperiales fasces relinquens in propriis agris consenuit.