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a card game in which players bet against the dealer on the cards he will draw from a dealing box

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The stage production of Al Faris is set to open on January 4, at the Dubai World Trade Centre and will run for four days till January 7.
Al Faris is an allegorical play that explores the role of a leader in inspiring his people to realise their aspirations and dreams.
Faris said he had seen an uptick in infection rates recently.
Well-known as a key crane rental company in the United Arab Emirates, gaining a foothold in Saudi Arabia has been relatively easy, said Kieve Pinto, Executive Director, Saudi Al Faris For Industrial Services Est, since they have previously worked with in the UAE with many of the large companies in Eastern Province, including the Korean industrial construction companies.
Pratt, 33, who stars on 'Parks and Recreation,' and Faris tied the knot in 2009.
Ryan comes to Faris Lee from Gale International Korea, a real estate development and investment firm.
On-screen sexual chemistry between Faris and Evans is inert, leaving us to wonder if Ally might be destined for the emotional scrapheap on her lonesome after all.
FINAL CUT 4 Refreshingly raunchy - Faris is a delight
In comments concerning the law, Faris said that 90 percent of prisoners are
I just thought we were spending too much on contract attorneys," Faris said last week.
The Al Faris group owns a network of IT services companies that offer technology services and solutions across the Middles East through a network of 9 offices employing over 500 IT professionals.
Faris al Farsi, Acting Director-General, Export Development, OCIPED who is visiting Libya, said this initiative follows the successful completion of OCIPED's market study in Libya for 32 Omani products.
Journalist Stephan Faris reports on the crisis of global warming from the perspective of one who has traveled extensively, specializing in writing about the developing world.
However, it is with sadness that I praise people like Faris and H Khalifa.