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a card game in which players bet against the dealer on the cards he will draw from a dealing box

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At first, I was really nervous about the idea of the book coming out and coinciding with these major life changes we were having, but Chris is amazing," Faris said in an interview, noting that she made minor revisions but decided not to drastically alter or postpone the publication.
On numerous occasions, Faris has said that they both share a great bond together and the pair would always remain "incredible friends".
Faris says: "I've always been into Depeche Mode so it was cool and the reception we had from the audiences was great.
I'm not saying love is cancelled but if Chris Pratt and Anna Faris can't make it work?
I used to be a painter, but these are not mine," Faris explained, gesturing to acrylic paintings hanging in the show.
In exploring this Australia, where kangaroos graze under orange trees, Faris meets a group of young people playing ball on the beach.
Faris joined the Majestic Hotel Tower as hotel manager in 2013.
Last week Norma Heeney told how her only child Faris was taken in a 2009 kidnapping organised by his abusive dad.
goals: Atlanta 3-11 (Hayes 2-2, McCoughtry 1-5, Willingham 0-1, Bentley 0-1, Thomas 0-2), Connecticut 8-15 (Montgomery 3-3, Faris 3-3, Griffin 1-3, White 1-5, Greene 0-1).
FEARLESS Faris Al Khalo was spellbound by the high-kicking antics of Power Rangers as a toddler and was determined to follow in the footsteps of his martial arts TV heroes.
The member, Faris Taha al-Faris, told Aswat al-Iraq that the demonstrators do not believe in the transparency of the Iraqi courts.
Robert Faris has been appointed as Manager of IT and Geotechnical.
Anna Faris and her husband Chris Pratt are the proud first-time parents to a son.
Faris also found that the retirement fund is an instrumentality of the government unit, noting that the government formed the fund as a means of carrying out its obligations to its current and retired employees and that "[p]roviding compensation and benefits to government employees is a quintessential governmental function.