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a powerful and wealthy terrorist organization formed in 1957 as the guerilla arm of the Colombian communist party

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Finally, the vast areas of ungoverned territory in Colombia and the terror actions of FARC and ELN generated public mobilization against them in self-defense autodefensas (often called "paramilitaries" by the media, which is not the best translation).
Not coincidentally, it is also the site of the government's largest-ever offensive against the FARC rebels.
The FARC responded a week later by assassinating thirty peasants and kidnapping another fifty in El Tarra, a nearby municipality.
Three suspected IRA members were arrested last year on charges of training FARC to build bombs.
The three suspects, who had false passports, insist they were in Colombia to observe the peace process between then- president Andres Pastrana and FARC.
Nevertheless, like the country's other guerrilla organizations, the FARC enjoyed a resurgence during the late 1970s and 1980s.
It added: "It is likely that in the former FARC safe haven these terrorist groups had been sharing techniques, honing their terrorism skills, using illicit drug proceeds in payment and collectively helping to challenge the rule of law in Colombia.
However, Colombian President Andres Pastrana on Wednesday broke off talks with FARC following its hijacking of a commercial airliner and seizure of a prominent politician on board, and ordered troops to retake the demilitarized zone the rebels occupy.
Because it controls 40% or so of the country, the FARC would be assured of having representation on the committee.
The FARC operates as a coalition of highly organized fronts scattered around the country with a stronghold in the south.
Benjamin Gilman (R-NY), chair of the US House International Relations Committee, called a press conference after FARC admitted responsibility for the deaths.
Operation Bethlehem' continues this body of work that is designed to encourage the demobilization of the FARC Guerrilla army, central to Colombia's long running civil conflict of some 60+ years.
soldiers had clashed with FARC in the eastern province of Arauca and
NNA - A bombing raid by Colombia's army killed 18 FARC guerrillas Thursday, the deadliest attack since President Juan Manuel Santos lifted a suspension of air strikes against the group last month, an official said.