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a powerful and wealthy terrorist organization formed in 1957 as the guerilla arm of the Colombian communist party

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Some are going home to families and communities who despise the FARC.
Ese mismo dia se expresaron con claridad las dos tendencias que se debaten dentro de las FARC.
Initially limited to confrontations with Colombian security forces in rural areas, FARC began conducting attacks on police stations and military posts as well as blowing up oil pipelines and bridges.
beaucoup moins que] Mais le discours du chef des FARC, qui s'est pose en vainqueur, a probablement joue contre le oui [beaucoup plus grand que], avance Hector Rincon, un autre expert.
His opponent, Oscar Zuluaga--a stern, conservative senator who was handpicked by Santos' predecessor and mentor-turned-rival Alvaro Uribe--railed against the FARC talks.
Despite the escalation of the conflict in recent weeks, the Colombian government and the FARC, the largest guerrilla force in Colombia, continue to seek a final peace agreement at the negotiating table in Havana, Cuba, to end 50 years of armed conflict.
In order to start the de-escalation of the conflict, I have decided to order the minister of defence and armed forces commanders to stop bombing raids on FARC camps for a month," he added.
In 1984, during the negotiations that occurred under President Belisario Betancur, both sides maintained a cease-fire throughout the negotiations and the government reached an agreement with the FARC that promised agrarian reform and allowed the group to form a political party, the Patriotic Union.
Zuluaga, a protege of former President Alvaro Uribe, argues that FARC needs to end hostilities for talks to continue, and should not be permitted into national politics.
Essentially, Appellees argued that, because FARC is a judgment-debtor "terrorist party" and Mercurio was designated an SDNTK under the Kingpin Act due to its alleged connection with FARC, Mercurio's assets could be garnished as the "blocked assets" of a "terrorist party.
The FARC insurgency, which has roots in a political culture
For many in the organization known as FARC, the drug profits may be too rich to leave behind.
Langlois was accompanying the army unit in an anti-drug operation when they came under attack from FARC rebels, the officials said.
The government has insisted the FARC end all kidnappings as a minimal first step.