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the syllable naming the fourth (subdominant) note of the diatonic scale in solmization

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Increasing concentration of AG or AE increases lipase stability while both FAES and LAS have a strong destabilizing effect on lipase.
John Graham, Chief Executive Officer of INVIDA (Menarini Group) said: "We are honoured that FAES has chosen INVIDA to spearhead its reach into the Asia Pacific region.
Founded in 1933, FAES FARMA is a Spanish Pharmaceutical company with over 700 employees, dealing mainly with the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical products and raw materials for pharmaceutical use.
Paul Roppuld, director of business development for FAES, will moderate the seminar that will feature discussions with representatives from the Small Business Administration, the Defense Department's Defense Logistics Agency, and representatives from local businesses and national corporations.
NASDAQ: ISPH) announced today that it has exercised its option to terminate the licensing agreement with FAES Farma, S.
RHYFEL Y FALKLANDS: NOL I FAES Y FRWYDR S4C, 9pm Fe fydd S4C yn nodi 30 mlwyddiant dechrau Rhyfel y Falklands gydag amrywiaeth o raglenni dadlennol am y rhyfel sy'n dal i fwrw cysgod trwm dros fywydau teuluoedd yng Nghymru.
Dompe), the Company's partner for commercialization of OvaRex(R) MAb in Italy, Spain, Portugal and certain other European countries, and FAES S.