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a device consisting of a container of fuel and two explosive charges

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2,655 millions d'euros vont etre injectes dans ce projet, co-finance par trois dons : 1,345 million d'euros decaisses par la FAE, une somme minimale de 0,95 million d'euros versee par la Banque de developpement allemande KfW, et 281 000 euros par l'organisme de cooperation technique allemand GIZ.
No Brasil, existem investigacoes que apresentam indiretamente um panorama da FAE, como a de Vanz (2009), que constatou a formacao de grandes grupos (teamworks) no campo como decorrencia do alto custo da pesquisa e complexidade dos experimentos; e a de Duarte (2008), que afirmou que o desenvolvimento cientifico e tecnologico da FAE deve ter como base a colaboracao internacional e a participacao brasileira no CERN.
Las razones por las que se considero prescripcion incorrecta en FAE y AH en las 48 usuarias fueron: 16 usuarias por el uso de un AH con una concentracion baja de estrogenos, 20 pacientes con metodo inyectable combinado y 10 pacientes con progestinas orales; ademas, a 2 usuarias de FAE-NIE se les prescribio AH de altas dosis (tabla 4).
2007) observaram efeitos semelhantes aos verificados na FAE em estudo, para a FAE de Adianthum tetraphyllum, que inibiu o crescimento do hipocotilo em alface, na concentracao de 1.
An influence of FAE on cytokine patterns and inflammatory molecules could also be established in other cell types.
The incidence of FAE is suspected to be at least ten times that of FAS, which is beyond that considered to be epidemic in the western world.
An example of this is in the United Kingdom where FAE has established a formal relationship with NIM Suspended Access of London for supply to that country.
In an attempt to increase precision in diagnosis, an Institute of Medicine panel has recommended distinguishing among three forms of FAE (Stratton et al.
The rate may be several times higher for children born with possible FAE.
But children who don't meet all three criteria are often diagnosed with FAE, on the assumption that their birth defects arose from their mothers' drinking during pregnancy.
Some kids have some alcohol-related birth defects but not all the characteristic ones; these children are said to have fetal alcohol effects, or FAE.
However, when FAE children enter school, they demonstrate poor memory skills, short attention spans, behavioral problems, and lower IQ's.
Some of the certification requirements include: contributing to a broad selection of industry-standard solutions dedicated for use with Xilinx programmable logic; members that supply products need to have the staffing and infrastructure to support multiple customers from differing geographies at one time; established track record of successful business for at least two years including completed transactions with users of Xilinx devices; the company must have worked together with at least one Xilinx direct FAE, sales representative, or Xilinx-dedicated distributor FAE and the company's supporting products and/or services should at least assist Xilinx to penetrate a new application, market segment, or geography.