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a high-level programing language for mathematical and scientific purposes

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In 1Q2006 Professional versions will include a complete F95 & C/C++ compiler suite, Absoft's market leading multi-language Fortran/C/C++ Fx2 graphical debugging solution, and several pre-built libraries.
Demonstrations of this quick, reliable system will be available on stand F95.
PGI Parallel F95, C and C++ Compilers and Development Tools Offered as Part of HP's High-Performance Software Portfolio
F95, C, and C++ compilers and tools to be made available on Cray Red Storm Supercomputer
In addition to the above, 14 additional standards -- designated F82 through F95 and related to mass flow controllers and mass flow meters -- were released during the February cycle.
Other new capabilities include visualization of MPI (Message Passing Interface) queues, support for new compilers including Lahey Computer Systems' Fujitsu F90 and F95 for Linux, an enhanced Graphical User Interface, and a host of other features that make it easier than ever to uncover the most difficult to find bugs in complex code.
Prices range from $3,400 for the AS/400 Model F02 to $105,000 for the AS/400 Model F95.
To keep the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the atmosphere of the pipeline at low levels predicted aeration of the two branches of the CSD works with air intake in existing wells F98, F95, F79 and F50, air removal projects in F36 for the 1st and 2nd F36A for the pipeline industry, boiler draft air bellows suction at the inlet and E.