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a high-level programing language for mathematical and scientific purposes

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Group attributable production for Q4 F2008 is expected to be up approximately 4.
In millions of Canadian dollars except when noted Q2 F2008 YTD F2008 Q2 F2007 YTD F2007 Revenue $ 949.
In millions of Canadian dollars except when noted Q1 F2008 Q1 F2007 Revenue $ 914.
Overall attributable production* for Q2 F2008 is expected to be down approximately 3.
Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa show off the Ferrari F2008 at Maranello
This is the highest quarterly production since Q3 F2008.
Glock said that despite the significant improvements made in his team's TF108 during the Bahrain tests, Ferrari's F2008 still seems to be one step ahead.
The company invites you to join hundreds of colleagues and renowned experts from the world of business forecasting at F2008, SAS' third annual Business Forecasting Conference, on June 2-3 in Cary, NC.
These accidents bring the total number of fatalities for F2009 to 21, compared with 47 during F2008, which represents a 55 per cent improvement year on year.
BA's EBIT margins improved 220bps in the first half of F2008 to 5.
In millions of Canadian dollars except EPS and when noted Q3 F2009 Q3 F2008 YTD F2009 YTD F2008 Revenue 950.
five million shares of Ardent common stock if Cash EBITDA is equal to or greater than $20 million in F2008, and
With F2009 almost complete, our fatal injuries have shown an improvement of approximately 57%, declining from 47 in F2008 to 20 in F2009, with no fatalities reported at our international mines.
In millions of Canadian dollars except EPS and when noted Q2 F2009 YTD F2009 Q2 F2008 YTD F2008 Revenue 948.
Particularly significant is the decline in the fatal injuries which, to December, stands at eight compared with the total of 47 for F2008.