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a high-level programing language for mathematical and scientific purposes

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No statistical difference was found for Tensile Yield Strength, Ultimate Tensile Strength, Elongation, Crystallinity and Density as measured per ASTM D638, D3417 and D1505 before and after ASTM F2003 accelerated aging (5ATM of oxygen at 70 degrees C for 14 days).
Unaudited) ($ In millions) Supplemental Financial Data F2004 F2003 Cash $15.
In our F2003 Report, Orbital advised shareholders of the potential of the Indian market for our proprietary DI technology, with the announcement of our Technical Co-operation Agreement with UCAL Fuel Systems.
Ferrari, who won 15 of the 17 races last year, are also expected to delay the introduction of their F2003.
Table 1 RAYOVAC Corporation Condensed Consolidated Statements of Operations For the three month periods ended June 27, 2004 and June 29, 2003 (Unaudited) (In millions, except per share amounts) THREE MONTHS NINE MONTHS % % F2004 F2003 INC/(DEC) F2004 F2003 INC/(DEC) Net sales $308.
04 Amount available for distribution - Before selling expense $32,677 $27,985 $28,828 $30,881 - After selling expense 22,002 19,022 22,455 22,474 Payout ratio - Before selling expense 68% 76% 70% 64% - After selling expense 101% 112% 90% 88% F2004 F2003 Q2 Q1 Q4 Q3 Sales per financial statements $106,096 $132,300 $225,125 $130,689 Net income (loss) (8,504) 769 21,740 1,460 Net income (loss) per unit - Basic $(0.
He rubbished claims that Ferrari had become complacent after three years of domination following a 21- year barren run, insisting the F2003 car - which has not been used yet - would prove a big success when it is introduced in Spain.
29 Weighted Average Shares outstanding: Basic 83,897 94,666 Diluted 85,202 96,811 * Adjusted Statement of Operations for F2003 and F2004 excludes EITF Issue 02-16 impact.
Unaudited) (In millions, except per share amounts) THREE MONTHS SIX MONTHS F2004 F2003 INC(DEC)% F2004 F2003 INC(DEC)% Net sales $278.
Table 1 - Condensed Consolidated Operations Table 2 - Supplemental Financial Data Table 3 - Reconciliation of GAAP to Pro Forma Financial Data Table 4 - Pro Forma Net Sales Comparison Table 1 RAYOVAC CORPORATION Condensed Consolidated Operations For the three months ended December 28, 2003 and December 29, 2002 (Unaudited) (In millions, except per share amounts) THREE MONTHS F2004 F2003 INC(DEC) % Net sales $454.
The downgrade is based primarily on BBD's relatively flat EBT (earnings before taxes) margins in fiscal 2004(F2004) compared to F2003.
RAYOVAC CORPORATION Condensed Consolidated Statements of Operations For the three and twelve month periods ended September 30, 2003 and September 30, 2002 (Unaudited) (In millions, except per share amounts) THREE MONTHS TWELVE MONTHS INC INC F2003 F2002 (DEC) % F2003 F2002 (DEC) % Net sales $252.