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the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a (camera) lens system

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The calculated F-value being more than the table value, it can be stated that there is a significant difference among the borrowers with different levels of payment on the perceived economic benefits of bank credit.
2] values estimated, the significance of the F-values and the result of the diagnostic tests confirmed the quality of the estimates and they suggest that the equations can be relied upon for discussion, forecasting and for policy recommendation.
However, in the short run there is evidence of prices affecting money at 2nd lag although F-value is not significant.
Significance of F-value for all the variables in both the periods show that Indian economy is dependent upon both the policies.
Table 1 Comfort with Computer Use SE of t for [beta] Parameters F-Value [beta] [beta] coefficient Sig.
000 Joint F-Test P1 = P2 = P3 = P4 = 0: F-Value = 23.
Species Non-nest Nest Creosote bush March 6 [+ or -] 4 March 27 [+ or -] 5 Shockley's goldenhead March 11 [+ or -] 4 March 29 [+ or -] 5 Nevada ephedra February 19 [+ or -] 3 March 3 [+ or -] 4 Range Ratany April 2 [+ or -] 5 April 28 [+ or -] 5 Shadscale February 26 [+ or -] 4 March 28 [+ or -] 4 Winterfat March 7 [+ or -] 4 March 29 [+ or -] 6 White bursage February 17 [+ or -] 4 March 9 [+ or -] 4 Species F-value p-value Creosote bush 13.
The calculated F-value that resulted from the analysis of the pretest equaled .
There were no statistical differences for the main effect, Gender with, Positive or Negative attitudes, indicating that both genders held a similar degree of positive attitude toward mathematics with an F-value of 0.
Table 1 Pre-Test Post-Test Results Table 1-A Group Pre-Test Post-Test Significance of Mean/Number Mean/Number F-value U.
The F-test conducted for the homogeneity of regression resulted in an F-value of .
Table 1: Analysis of Variance, Dependent Variable = Financial Wealth Variable Attitudinal Statements F-Value P-Value FW1 Personal financial security is an .
22) on strategic quality planning has a statistically significant F-value and corresponding p-value.