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United States writer who lived in Europe

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19) "Well, one--the portrait of Ezra Pound in this show [George Krevsky Gallery, 2009]--is from a portrait of him done by Gaudier-Brzeska, the image that New Directions uses for all Pound editions.
Gibson, Epic Reinvented: Ezra Pound and the Victorians, Ithaca N.
Carter's version of Ezra Pound, DuPlessis argues, takes on Pound's vision of the artist as the struggling, striving hero of culture without also engaging the lapses into doubt that arise in the final moments of his Cantos.
Only hardcore fans of the poet Ezra Pound will find his somewhat puerile inusings on the ideal form of copyright law interesting.
that the offending broadcasts had been made by someone other than the Ezra Pound who would be seated at the defense table during trial.
The occasion was a tribute to Ezra Pound for This Quarter.
Some of the earliest things they published were Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams.
The materials that Parkin has unearthed show that Ezra Pound, Edmund Dulac, and Allan Wade made critical interventions to the choreography and diction of this moment, through which the play is defined and, indeed, upon which its critical reception subsequently has pivoted.
To attest this assertion, a rather small section of The Cantos, a clearly Modernist work, if not its best representative, by one of the best, if not the best, spokesmen of Modernist writing, namely Ezra Pound, is discussed here in an attempt to identify its didactic, prescriptive, and hence its anti-Modernist attributes.
Ezra Pound, the avant-garde, the Classics, seventeenth century literature.
That's when Charles told me he had read Ezra Pound all through his two-year stay in Italy during his time in the service.
Two years later Rodker met Ezra Pound, the American poet, impresario, and polemicist who had turned literary London upside down with his promotion of free verse.
In her book, Park probes into controversial, yet productive alliances between Asia and America, focusing specifically on the American and Asian American poetry's "trafficking" in western and eastern images of Asia from the modernist Orientalism of Ezra Pound and Gary Snyder's Zen ethics, to the experimental aesthetics of Bandit poets Garrett Kaoru Hongo, Alan Chong Lau, and Lawson Fusao Inada.
However, the title of the exhibition--'Wild Thing'--refers not to these two but to Orleans-born Gaudier-Brzeska; it is a quotation from Ezra Pound, who likened the young Frenchman to 'a well-made young wolf or some soft-moving, bright-eyed wild thing'.
The American poet Ezra Pound was wont to provide lists of "don'ts" and other prescriptions with the voice of the master craftsman, while his friend and colleague T S.