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a Hebrew prophet of the 6th century BC who was exiled to Babylon in 587 BC


an Old Testament book containing Ezekiel's prophecies of the downfall of Jerusalem and Judah and their subsequent restoration

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105-27) does not exactly deliver what its title promises: Understanding Sin and Judgment in Ezekiel and the Mesopotamian City Laments.
The Ministry of Social Services is providing per diem funding up to $625,000 if all 10 spaces are filled in UTURN and Ezekiel House.
Through their faithful service, Ezekiel and Jesus were able to accept the struggles inherent in their efforts for God.
GUILTY The criminal records of tobacco thief Ezekiel Yates and prostitute Mary Erskine NOT SO ARTFUL DODGER James Darley was jailed for theft
Ezekiel was excluded from two schools, involved in crime and generally showed a lot of negative behaviour.
She is predeceased by a daughter: Meta Horton, two brothers: Ezekiel and Eddie Caddell and a sister: Bertha Colman.
By serving as a priest-prophet in exile, Ezekiel was able to encourage the Jews at the time of the destruction that God remains with them even in exile.
Starting out in 1971 in the local Ziwani primary school in the Vihiga region, in the countryside of Bunyore, in western Kenya, Ezekiel went on to graduate from Ebwirany school in Kakamega, before taking his secondary education in the Kakamega and Kangaru Embu high schools in the same area.
THE SUPREME Court has ruled in favour of the former community leader of Panayia village, Ezekiel Ezekiel.
Thanet District Council leader Sandy Ezekiel, who visited the site last night, said: "It's a scene of devastation.
Ezekiel describes a valley fill of bones, "very many bones" and "very dry," reanimated by the word of the prophet.
Admittedly he got some good press around the time that the paperback/ movie phenomenon Chariots of the Gods (Berkeley Trade)--about the theory that Earth was visited by aliens in ancient times--was released; but apart from alien aficionados, Ezekiel is not a go-to prophet.
The outfits were sourced from America, where the dogs' owner, Mandy Ezekiel, from Childwall, was first inspired to organise the unusual event.
Access to the board of directors is essential to mitigate any real or perceived undermining of the ethics and compliance officer's independence and objectivity," said Zachariah Ezekiel, senior research associate.
In a soft goods switch up, Kerry Getz and Mike York are off of Ezekiel.