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a Hebrew prophet of the 6th century BC who was exiled to Babylon in 587 BC


an Old Testament book containing Ezekiel's prophecies of the downfall of Jerusalem and Judah and their subsequent restoration

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In order to begin to appreciate why Ezekiel devotes far more attention to condemning Tyre, as opposed to Israel's historical enemies, one can glean much from the opening line of his critique.
Ezekiel said: "They even thought he was a magician because he had these teeth that he could remove and put in at will.
Purchase of maize, said Ezekiel, was being done through small famer cooperatives, that seek to bring income to them in order to expand their agricultural capability and avail more food for consumption.
Uthayashanker Ezekiel Dr Ezekiel said: "Concentrations of curcumin and silymarin that are too high could be harmful to people.
A reasonably prudent person without medical training would have realized that Ezekiel needed medical attention;
50-75) Petter turns to the Book of Ezekiel and especially to the sign act narrated in the early chapters of the book.
Grant Berry proclaims a message of reconnection of Jew and Gentile in his book The Ezekiel Generation.
TOTTENHAM look set to win the race for Manchester United starlet Ezekiel Fryers.
14 June 2012 - UK-based Ultimate Finance Group plc (LON:UFG) on Thursday said it had set up a trade finance division, which will be led by Maurice Ezekiel and David Riding.
Not at all: For Ezekiel, the most famous Jewish poet to be raised speaking Marathi, a language of Western India, the empire was British, and its waning moment came decades later.
Ezekiel 17:22-24 -- Right in the middle of a parable of judgment, Ezekiel relieves Gods people with three verses of hope.
MANCHESTER UNITED teenager Ezekiel Fryers has joined the group of contract rebels who will not commit their long-term future to the club.
She and her brother Ezekiel are removed from the city with its private schools, flush toilets, and servants, to live in the primitive compound of her maternal grandparents.
CDATA[ Early reports that Iraq plans to retain the Jewish nature of the Tomb of the Prophet Ezekiel are apparently false.
On 17th January 2010, I received the news that my good friend and Kenyan "brother" Ezekiel Alembi had died of a stroke at his home in Nairobi at the tender age of 49.