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a Hebrew prophet of the 6th century BC who was exiled to Babylon in 587 BC


an Old Testament book containing Ezekiel's prophecies of the downfall of Jerusalem and Judah and their subsequent restoration

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Le Livre de ma mere is drawn on heavily, but the much-criticized Ezechiel (in which a wealthy banker worships his money) is presented as 'le livre demon pere' that Cohen never wrote.
Best known are the bankers' family Ezechiel and the merchant family Jacobson.
Prima che fossero ristaurate le stanze stavan superiormente scritte con doratura all'intorno le seguenti cenni storici dei soggetti quantunque per la vecchiaia abbanstanza leggibile poi colorati a muro; furono copiati fedelmente in grande, ed ecco il primo rosa dice Ezechiel, Daniel, Esdras inter Assyrias, Chaldeos, Medos, Persas divinorum Oraculum mysteria prevident, tempora describunt instaurant exemplaria--'
It is succeeded by the second book of Gregory the Great's homilies on Ezechiel.
As for the "surprising affinities" of Lotto's God the Father with Raphael's Vision of Ezechiel (Pitti), what strikes the unbiased eye in particular are their fundamental differences.
Ezechiel says that even the trumpeter does his duty if, at the appointed times, he blows into his instrument and his blast sounds--now attack, now retreat--at the leader's command, even though the soldiers may not follow the commands.
Yet Bersuire adds to this reading an in bono reading of Saturn's castration that better fits Chaucer's usage, a reading bolstered by a line from Ezechiel 5:10: "Patres comed[e]nt filios in medio tui & filii comedent patres suos" [Therefore, the fathers will eat the sons in your midst, and the sons shall eat their fathers] (De formis, p.
1) Toutefois au temps des bilans, quand sera venu le temps de signer, en William Shakespeare, "l'art poetique du XIXe siecle," lorsque sonnera l'heure d'assigner leur juste place aux "genies universels de l'histoire humaine," Ludwig van Beethoven viendra cotoyer Homere, Ezechiel, Eschyle, Juvenal, Tacite, Dante, Rabelais, Cervantes et Shakespeare.
28:43), and Ezechiel foretold that in the Israel of the future they would share the land with those who were full citizens (Ezek.
So, for example, did Ezechiel, who was told by God to bind up his turban on his head, gather his few belongings, and dig his way through the wall of Jerusalem, in order to abandon the city to its reckless rejection of the one God.
If Roland Boer's examination of the music of Axl Rose is more useful in dissecting an aspect of modern culture than as a contribution to understanding Ezechiel, his bringing together of modern scholarship on prophetic extasy in the Bible, on "heavy metal" and on the advocacy of destruction is a remarkable tour de force.
Anno 6[degrees] [1608] acknowledged: that he owed Ezechiel Grosse of Trelodevas in Buryan, esq.
Among Cohen's other works were the one-act play Ezechiel (1956) and the memoirs Le Livre de ma mere (1954; "Book of My Mother"), O vous, freres humains (1972; "O You, Brother Humans"), and Carnets 1978 (1979; "Notebooks").
1684: |Der Stoff der Weissagung ist - abgesehen von der Person des G[og] [my italics] - sicher alter als Ezechiel (38, 17
L'international tchadien du CS Sfaxien, Ezechiel Ndouassel, auteur du but de la victoire du Tchad, qui a donne un excellent debut au nouvel entraineur et ex-lion indomptable Rigobert Song, espere reussir denouveau un grand coup au Caire.