Eyre Peninsula

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a peninsula of southern Australia

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I congratulate Optus on its investment in mobile and internet services across Eyre Peninsula, Mr Ramsey said.
The soils from the Eyre Peninsula were distinguished from soils in the two other regions by being significantly more alkaline at each depth, having a higher EC, a higher concentration of inorganic C, a higher C: N ratio, a lower clay concentration and lower concentrations of exchangeable cations (Table 1, Table SI).
Each year between the months of May and August, they gather in their thousands to mate and spawn off the coast of Whyalla on the Eyre Peninsula.
The present study considered forty-five families from three regions-of-provenance (ROPs) of the species: Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island and Eyre Peninsula.
Archer also has earned the right to 100% of minerals other than uranium on EL4693 Wildhorse Plain located near Cleve on Eyre Peninsula.
They have confirmed the graphite prospectivity of multiple targets in an emerging graphite province and afforded our shareholders an opportunity to benefit from future interest in graphite as we move forward with our exploration programs in the wider Eyre Peninsula area.
I suspect that there will be some areas in the Eyre Peninsula where transformational processes will have to occur,' he says.
Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island Swimming with tuna Swimming with sea lions, Eyre Peninsula Yaldara Estate wine cellar in the Barossa Valley 1 Swim with sea lions and dolphins on the Eyre Peninsula Baird Bay is the perfect location to swim with sea lions and dolphins, whilst for those who prefer to stay dry, Point Labbatt offers excellent views of sea lions playing in off shore waters.
It contained irregular 'correspondents' news' from a handful of small towns on the Eyre Peninsula, in particular Franklin Harbour and Streaky Bay, as well as items from the main centre--the newspaper's base-- Port Lincoln.
Considerable work on subsoil nutrition has been done by the South Australian Research and Development Institute, particularly on calcareous soils of the Eyre Peninsula (Davenport and Cordon 2002; Doudle 2002; Doudle and Wilhelm 2002a, 2002b, 2003; Adcock et al.
Mitsui has now acquired a 49% interest in the Honeymoon project and the company's Australian exploration portfolio including the Goulds Dam and Billeroo projects, and other prospective tenements on the Stuart Shelf and Eyre Peninsula, for a consideration of around AUD104m.
Organisers of the Tunarama Festival held each January in Port Lincoln on the remote Eyre Peninsula are replacing the real thing with polyurethane replicas for the highlight event, the frozen tuna toss.
Nine people were killed and 113 injured in South Australia state's Eyre Peninsula, 250 miles west of Adelaide.
It burned through about 360,000 acres of grass and farmland on South Australia state's Eyre Peninsula.
The blaze on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, about 250 miles west of Adelaide, was the worst of several wildfires reported around the state, where temperatures have topped 44 degrees Celsius (111 Fahrenheit) in recent days.