canine tooth

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one of the four pointed conical teeth (two in each jaw) located between the incisors and the premolars

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While most actresses would give their eyeteeth for the security of a role in what Roberta describes as "relentless wallpaper television", she insists she won't miss the show, saying it's "not natural" for an actor to be in work all the time.
Initially developed in the 1950s to meet the demand for a new generation of parts, the five-axis machining center cut its eyeteeth on aircraft impellers, medical tools and appliances, customized cutting tools, and other applications that would be impossible or impractical to produce without five-axis capability.
NHS dentists are becoming so rare, some of us would give our eyeteeth to be able to find one.
When our daughter, Jessica, was little, we would have given our eyeteeth to have a book/toy like this available for her to entertain herself quietly while at church or in a doctor's office.
I knew, as I sat on the leather couches, I would be the envy of tens of thousands of young girls who adore her work and who would give their eyeteeth to be in my place.
Just remember: our foremothers would have given their eyeteeth for such choice'.
During the past 10 years we have seen a whole new wood industry -- particleboard -- cut its eyeteeth and grow into healthy manhood.
I'd cheerfully give my eyeteeth for a Sunfire Theater Grand II, but no one is interested in barter.
Being Mick (C4) WHO wouldn't give their eyeteeth to be Mick?