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an eyelike marking (as on the wings of some butterflies)


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2) Overall, subjects exposed to eyespots reported feeling more negative emotions compared to controls, whereas we find little to no evidence that exposure to eyespots raised levels of positive emotions in any meaningful way.
When CRISPR/Cas9 knocks out Distal-less, more and bigger eyespots appear, the researchers reported in June in Nature Communications.
It can be distinguished from other species of the genus without eyespots, namely E.
Developmental stages were determined as either immature (having visible eyespots within the cyst) or developing (having faded eyespots or an X-shaped excretory vesicle within the cyst; Chen, 1948; Fleming et al.
Prudic will discuss how climate influences the development of butterfly behavior and coloration, and draw on her research on wing eyespots to illustrate the complexity of mate signaling and predator avoidance; refreshments at 7 p.
Most students ran into problems right at the start (Couplet 1), as the body of the specimen (rather than just a shell for snails) was required to confirm the position of eyespots and number of pairs of tentacles.
We correct the previous erroneous identification of nephrocysts as eyespots in the hatching planktotrophic larvae of the nudibranchs Tritonia festiva and Janolus fuscus.
Jacob, who also won a full four-year scholarship to the University of Massachusetts at Boston, studied the eyespots of planarian (freshwater flatworms) before and after regeneration for his project, Getting NERVEous.
Among many other packaging products, Brick also offers polylam capsules and custom sizes, special shapes, fluting, eyespots, hot foil stamping and embossing as well as rotogravure printing with up to six colors.
1981): stage 1, no extruded eggs or traces of spermatophore; stage 2, new and intact spermatophore attached to the sternum; 3, newly extruded eggs (bright orange); 4, dark-orange eggs, with eyespots visible; 5, brown eggs with egg capsules translucent, and embryo and eyespots clearly visible; and 6, remnants of empty egg capsules or remains of eroded spermatophore.
Developed conglutinates containing glochidia had eyespots anteriorly and two adhesive tails posteriorly, and resembled Simuliidae pupae (see photographs in Unio Gallery: http://unionid.
Bipalium is readily identified by its elongate (80-300mm) body, expanded, lunate head, and lateral rows of numerous eyespots (Klots, 1960; Hyman, 1943).
The cercariae were apharyngeate with pigmented eyespots, a lightly spined body, dorsal and ventral fin folds on the full length of the tail furcae, 5 pairs of flame cells, and 3 pairs of penetration glands (Figure 3).
3) Although the poet does not name a particular species of butterfly, the blue eyespots suggest that she may be thinking of the Mourning Cloak, a common North American variety whose wings are decorated with round blue markings.
Eyespots are light-sensitive patches that allow simple organisms, such as jellyfish and some other algae, to sense their environments.