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Synonyms for eyelet

a small hole (usually round and finished around the edges) in cloth or leather for the passage of a cord or hook or bar

fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines

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This version works only on shoes with six pairs of eyelets, and it's easier to do if you weave one end all the way to the top of the shoe, then the other end.
The approach now is to use "compliant pin" connection, wherein the electrical connection is through an array of needle-sized eyelets that collapse when the mating connector on the cable is press fit to the PCB.
But the eagle-eyed counter clerk spotted that one of two metal eyelets which hold the book together was missing.
You should begin at the farthest eyelets and apply even pressure as you criss-cross to the top of the shoe.
Eyelets Echo may plunder the Pirate Ship Handicap (3.
Four brands of bone anchors (Peba, SuperQuick, Fastin, and Mainstay) were evaluated using the heavy suture employed in real surgery, n=232 (looped through the eyelets of anchors inserted into plastic that simulates bone), which were pulled at three angles of orientation (0[degrees], 90[degrees], and 90/90[degrees]).
Eyelets involve a slim pole or tension wire that threads through metal eyelets punched at regular intervals into an ungathered width of material.
All boards must have eyelets in upper corners for hanging.
The more eyelets on a shoe, the easier it is to adjust the laces for a custom fit.
People with narrow feet should thread wider-set eyelets for a snug fit (a), while those with wide feet should use eyelets closer to the tongue (b).
COM also allows customization of features such as heel clips, lace eyelets and sole types.
To Is: 7903-2011, With Aluminium Eyelets Affixed At 4 Feet Intervals, Edge Reinforcement Provided All Along The Border By Means Of Rope Of Minimum 2.
A new lifting handle and a deeper groove in the strainer also means they are more ergonomic, while the Minor, Major, Senior and Sandy have new lifting eyelets for hooks.
They pop in with ease and swap out in seconds, and each set of eyelets is an opportunity to choose a new color or eyelet span.
This season's fashions - punked up with studs, chains and eyelets - have rebel written all over them.