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visual images that are pleasing to see but are intellectually undemanding

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Kindly donated by Vanity Care Beauty Salon, Whispers and Eyecandy
For the Styfhals site, I'm indebted, as I frequently am, to the indefatigable Eric Morehouse and his wonderful weekly blog, Eyecandy, at http://eyecandy-webcandy.
Dave Glanz is the senior broadcast designer for Eyecandy, a post-production facility in the Washington, DC area.
Produced by Zee Studios and Eyecandy Films, Beyond The Clouds is centred around a brother-sister relationship.
With a colourful back cover which serves as the protector of the Nokia 630, you get an eyecandy mobile handset which incidentally comes in a slew of colors (green, orange, yellow, white and black).
Lynne's success comes eight years after she launched her own business, EyeCandy Professional Make-up, which originally catered for weddings as well as fashion and editorial work throughout Scotland.
I was always quite creative at school," says Emma, who runs eyecandy interior design in Lindley.
Pixar movies sure make great eyecandy, but are simply animated artifice, whilst the latter's creations represent nature at its splendid and most magnificent best.
As the workaholic moneyobsessed stockbroker (Hrithik Roshan), the happy-go-lookingfor- his-dad prankster (Farhan Akhtar) and the about-to-bemarried- nice-guy (Abhay Deol) set out on a trip through locationally lush Spain (ummm, full marks for seductive eyecandy visuals) we follow right behind.
The 24-year-old Everton FC fan was chosen on her eyecandy appeal and on her thoughts on damage to nature.
One could see signs of it when actor and eyecandy Daniel Craig, playing James Bond the Lothario, came out of the sea (Casino Royale) in his blue briefs and lithe body that made women go wild.
The enduring architectural blog of the year is Kansas architect Eric Morehouse's Eyecandy at http://eyecandy-webcandy.
Surprisingly, the only newcomer is American eyecandy Caprice who, perhaps fortunately, gets to impersonate NancySinatra, a singer more famous for her name than her talent.
3 YouTube queen Tanya Burr created Eyecandy lipgloss in Chic, PS6.
I'M A CELEBRITY' eyecandy Helen Flanagan has done the unthinkable.