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Antonyms for waxing

the application of wax to a surface

a gradual increase in magnitude or extent

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(of the moon) pertaining to the period during which the visible surface of the moon increases


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99 I'm no stranger to eyebrow waxing - though admittedly I usually put my trust in a professional rather than let myself loose on my own face - so I kind of knew what to expect from these strips - watering eyes and stinging spring to mind.
If you're not that brave (or pain-tolerant) the arm and back hair trim or simple eyebrow waxing are always options.
Service sponsors and their offerings include Joan MacKinnon, chair massages; Skin Essentials of Upton, eyebrow waxing and shaping; Back Door, hand massages; Remedies, bracelets to benefit Peace of Bread; Commonwealth Wines, a portion of the evening's wine sales; and Totealities, handmade bag for silent auction.
Eyebrow waxing at Posh Hair and Beauty, 69 Tradewind Square, East Village, Liverpool costs pounds 6.
With a staff of four, Moore's salon offers cuts and styles, coloring, eyebrow waxing and children's cuts.
Eyebrow waxing is practically an art and something you should leave to the pros, as you've unfortunately learned the hard way