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one of the four pointed conical teeth (two in each jaw) located between the incisors and the premolars

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Less than a year ago Labour was returned with a Commons majority in the high 60s - a margin Neil Kinnock would have given his eye teeth for.
FRANCESCA Harris, 23, possesses an item most fashionistas would give their eye teeth to wear: a luxurious winter coat from top designer John Rocha.
With the chance to wear outfits and accessories like these, it's no wonder most young actresses would give their eye teeth to be a Bond girl.
Woodman would give his eye teeth just to be able to play, but he has finally admitted to himself that it isn't going to happen.
MOST men would give their eye teeth to get cosy with Dannii Minogue but not Boogie Pimps' Markus J Klak.
But I would give my eye teeth for a few days break to chill at this time of year rather than the frantic round we get involved in.
Paul's coming back and reminding her of her early life in Kenya has obscured her view of what she has, and for which the majority of women would give their eye teeth.
A prime source of pride (alongside this out of character development) is the historic Stockton & Darlington Railway, which any other town or city would give its eye teeth for, is ignored again.
In fact, it's rather like attending a personal, private stand-up show - something a lot of people would give their eye teeth for.
Winemakers throughout the world would give their eye teeth to make a Pinot Noir as good as a top red Burgundy, but their climates are either too hot or too cool.
My mother's generation would have given eye teeth for any pain relief they could get during childbirth; sadly, what little was on offer in those days was woefully inadequate.
15pm Some weeks Jonathan Ross has some okay guests and other weeks he lands the sort of guests many celebs would give their eye teeth to chat to.
As for comments about those with young families who would give their eye teeth to have concessions, it has to be said many in that group are in receipt of child allowances, tax credits, free school meals and other benefits so I don''t think they have any cause for complaint.