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an eyelike marking (as on the wings of some butterflies)


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Moreover the apparition of the eye spot was observed before torsion, earlier in the development in comparison with all the other abalone species.
The pink clothespin-shaped eye spot on the back of a deepwater shrimp appears to go permanently blind when blasted by the light from scientific craft exploring the ocean.
Joining Oscodar in the panel discussion will be executives from NBC Universal, Fox Reality Channel, Hollywood Reporter, Eye Spot and Break.
The 12th of 14 league nights in this year's pounds 410,000 tournament will be held in Liverpool, with four vital matches in store as players eye spots in the semi-finals at the Wembley Arena on May 19.
translucent, swayable heaven holding a thousand eye spots seeing with
When its TV eye spots some object on the ocean floor, an image of the object is flashed to a monitoring screen aboard a surface ship, from which operators, by remote control, guide the 500-pound robot to its prey and make it clamp the find in its claw.