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Narrating the symptoms and signs of diabetes, the health specialist said that they include several times thirst a day, frequent and too much urination, reduction in body weight, weak eye sight, blood pressure disturbance and weakness.
The workshop, held in co-operation with the Supreme Education Council (SEC), the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) and various schools' administrations, aimed at training school nurses to detect early, eye diseases and the proper method to measure the eye sight of students.
Her mother is getting old with a bad heart and very poor eye sight and she wanted to come home before anything happened to her to look after her, that's why we live here.
Last August, the 38-year-old volunteer was introduced to a woman in her late 70s who was afraid to leave home after losing her eye sight to glaucoma.
DVLA regularly reminds drivers of the ongoing requirement to meet the eye sight standard and that failure to meet the standard is an offence.
Through our retinopathy screening efforts we identify patients whose diabetes may be out of control and whose eye sight is in danger, and refer them to an eye specialist.
According to the Department for Transport, only 10% of drivers over the age of 50 have regular eye sight tests.
The research for specialist eye hospital group Optegra shows 9% of Brits 'hardly ever' get their eye sight checked, despite the importance of detecting early warning signs for eye problems.
A NORTH EAST optician has been to London to test the eye sight of homeless people for a charity.
I am 77 years of age and have a carer who does my cleaning, washing, shopping, almost everything due to my having angina, diabetes, arthritis, stomach ulcers, leg ulcers, poor eye sight, blood pressure.
The company also will produce consumer electronics for health such as hearing aid, communication aid instrument and eye sight aid instruments.
When people value their eye sight so much, it's strange they don't take better care of them.
Summary: Four eye care volunteers journey to Syria to help those whose lives have been blighted by poor eye sight.
In spite of having lost his eye sight so early on in life Saleh didnEoe1/4aot have much time to sit and complain about his loss.
According to medical reports the man lost 10pc of his eye sight as a result of the attack.