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Synonyms for pupil

one who is being educated

Synonyms for pupil

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If your eye pupils dilate to 5mm in dim light, the exit pupils of the 10x25 are only half the size of the pupils in your eyes.
Pit vipers are venomous snakes with a heat-sensing pit anteroinferior to each eye, elliptical pupils (cat's eyes), and a single row of scales on their undersides--in contrast to nonvenomous snakes, which have no facial pits, round eye pupils, and 2 rows of scales on their undersides.
This test will consist of an examination of the eye pupils and four psycho physical tests which will indicate whether a person's ability to drive is impaired.
A) enlarge the eye pupils, helping the player see the while color more intensely.
I only have eyes for you," a single photo of a male and female model, produces a series of nine different (almost animated) images made only by repositioning the placement of their eye pupils.