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combination of lenses at the viewing end of optical instruments

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In 2002 Simrad began developing the LP10 Target Locator, which, according to Roar Langen, << Has an embedded computer, and on your left eye piece it has a thermal imager and on your right it has the eye piece that you actually see through.
use the eye piece as the LCD can illuminate them, as well as rapidly expend battery life; and
SIR; The Shopper's Eye piece on breakfast cereals (Insight, March 6, p25), as well as your instore merchandising feature (Converts along the Counters, Feb 21, p42-3) appealed as I find that consumer behaviour is fascinating.
Byline: EYE PIECE By Emily Keizer 20Below News Team / The Register-Guard
A slide of spores was prepared and observed under light microscope with Coumasie blue as stain using eye piece and objective lenses fixed with graduated granular slides.
Already, American scientists have been involved in trials of a special minicomputer eye piece worn by the surgeon.
On the other hand, DIC achieves image contrast through optical processing alone, allowing one to see a live image through the eye piece.
He was in a crouch, looking into the eye piece of his camera and jogging along briskly behind two horses, who were being ridden by two local gendarmes.
8" color LCD display and eye piece for two view finding possibilities: LCD and true view.
The Digital Eye Piece Night Vision Cueing Display is fully qualified and available to fit all fielded JHMCS helmet mounted displays.
Intraocular telescopes are most commonly based on the Galilean telescopic system (Figure 1), whereby a high minus powered bi-concave eye piece lens is combined with a high positive powered bi-convex objective lens, to produce a magnified, erect, virtual image.
A pouch on the case provides convenient storage for an extra eye piece.
It can be employed at night by adding a night-vision scope to the eye piece.