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combination of lenses at the viewing end of optical instruments

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The OVS1 is compatible with any standard eye piece endoscope in addition to Olive Medical's own HD optimized endoscope line.
Intraocular telescopes are most commonly based on the Galilean telescopic system (Figure 1), whereby a high minus powered bi-concave eye piece lens is combined with a high positive powered bi-convex objective lens, to produce a magnified, erect, virtual image.
A pouch on the case provides convenient storage for an extra eye piece.
It can be employed at night by adding a night-vision scope to the eye piece.
Such as Electric time markers 100/sec, Tuning fork, Volume recorder, Mary s Tambour, Smoking outfit with fume cupboard, Varnishing outfit, Anaesthesia boxes, Surgical instruments, Demonstrations eye piece, Double Demonstration eye piece, Van Slyko s apparatus manometric, Douglas bag, Erogograph mosse s, Knee Hammer, Bicycle ergometer, Tuning forks to test hearing 32-10,000 cps(sets), Instrument Trolley, Stop watches, Electronic
These attachments connect to the eye piece of a rifle scope capturing a video image of the scope's field of view.
When looking through the eye piece of the instrument shown in Image C, what is indicated by the appearance shown in the far right panel of Image C?
The Company previously developed a new endocoupler with an eye piece for the MammoView system.
With a scope in the forward position and both eyes open, you also have a much greater natural field of view rather than being hampered by the eye piece of the traditionally mounted scope.