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a protective cloth covering for an injured eye


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I was taken to a wonderful eye doctor and now am wearing a most glamorous eye patch over the right half of my face.
Gatien, a Canadian who wears an eye patch because of a hockey accident when he was a teen-ager, got his start in the nightclub business with a $16,000 insurance settlement from that mishap.
Midway in the movie, he dons an eye patch and bandanna long enough to conduct a ceremony in which a mutinous crew member is forced to walk the plank.
Stop it: 6 See your doctor because you may need antibiotic drops, keep your eye closed or wear an eye patch to reduce irritation.
But programme-makers say the mouse's eye patch will be replaced by an "i-patch", with multiple functions.
A photo of her shows scars and a cartoon-decorated eye patch.
FOR A GOOD CAUSE: Join Pete and wear your eye patch with pride
This year Hft, the charity formerly Known as the Home Farm Trust which helps people with learning disabilities, is the UK beneficiary and there is still time to buy an eye patch and organise an impromptu get together.
The 'Material Girl' wore a purple corset, a heart-shaped eye patch, fishnet stockings and a towering blonde wig.
I now wear mirrored sunglasses to protect my eyes - but I'm thinking of getting a diamante eye patch.
Yet black-headed males rendered temporarily left-eyed by a tiny removable eye patch flirted as readily with red-heads as with black-heads, says cognitive ecologist Jennifer Templeton of Knox College in Galesburg, Ill.
He said that because she was wearing an eye patch over the one eye.
MIDLAND actress Frances Barber (right) may be on TV all the time these days - she was the Eye Patch Lady in Doctor Who, a murder suspect in Death In Paradise and pops up in the new Great Expectations - but she's really just like the rest of us.
Lots included The Duke's last driving licence, the eye patch he wore in True Grit and his green beret from The Green Berets.
Redknapp revealed Adebayor had asked to wear an eye patch over his injury but the manager had dismissed the suggestion, fearing he would "look like Johnny Depp".