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a lion-headed Egyptian goddess


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The eye of Horus is the symbol of one of the percussion instruments (the drum), which represents the space wherein all the participants get together.
This jewel in the crown of Kirklees' museums is hosting an event in the new Ancient Egyptian craft gallery, The Eye of Horus.
The population of Old Egypt used to wear necklaces of blue marbles with pendants and draw and hang figures featuring the eye of Horus around their houses for the same purpose.
Further evidence pointing to this method of death is the presence of an amulet, representing the Eye of Horus - a common symbol for guarding against accidents and restoring physical health.
Both discs are decorated with the udjat-eye, also called the eye of Horus, a common symbol in Egyptian art.
The women all wore Egyptian Eye of Horus tattoos to signify membership of the cult which based its teachings on the work of notorious satanist Aleister Crowley who died in the 1940s.
Peter Murphy, prosecuting, says Batley's wife Elaine, 47, Jackie Marling, 42, Shelly Millar, 35, and 49-year-old Sandra Iveson all had Egyptian Eye of Horus tattoos to signify membership of the group.
The Eye of Horus area in Wafi will host the event from January 31 to February 9 between 5pm and 10pm each day.
The units are currently occupied by the Relate charity shop and the Eye of Horus Aladdin's den.
For instance, I have put the Egyptian Eye of Horus, which gives protection, into these earrings," she explains, indicating a pair of danglies.
According to The Sunday Mirror, the real estate entrepreneur has reportedly offered to build his sweetheart a 25-bedroom luxury island house in the shape of the Eye of Horus as her 41st birthday present.
He and three female cult members, who wore Eye of Horus tattoos on their arms to signify membership, insisted throughout the five-week trial that no cult had ever existed.
The Pig & Truffle pub in Church Street said designer shops and entertainment were needed to attract more young people to the town, while neighbouring Eye of Horus Bric A Brac suggested a cinema.