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a lion-headed Egyptian goddess


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She shared a photo of her own Aleister Crowley-inspired tattoo of the Eye of Horus.
The pharoanic legends narrate that the deity Set tore the eye of Horus into pieces and spread it all over Egypt, then Horus recollected all these scattered parts and cured them to be given the name of Wadget (the complete) body," said Intessar Abdel Fattah, the Founder and president of the Festival.
The CT scans of Ramses III's mummy also discovered an amulet called the the Eye of Horus inside the wound.
For something quirky, the high street has even delivered Eye of Horus and Mau cat motifs.
Architect Luis de Garrido has designed the 25-bedroom house in the shape of the Eye of Horus, an ancient symbol of protection known as the allseeing eye.
All the women in the cult had identical Eye of Horus tattoos.
Women in the cult, which they called "The Church", filled their homes with ancient Egyptian idolatry and wore Eye of Horus tattoos on their arms celebrating Aleister Crowley's worship of the Egyptian hawk god Horus.
And in the latest issue of the magic journal Linking Ring the Canadian author Peter Marucci has a version of the Second "Fear the Eye of Horus.
This year, Art Oasis has created a platform for critical discourse and an opportunity for emerging artists to create new works which will be showcased at the Eye of Horus, WAFI from July 9 to 15 July, 2009.
Most people also recognize the symbols (if not the names) of the Eye of Horus and the ankh as Egyptian.
Of course, it could be an Egyptian eye like the Eye of Horus - which brings good luck.
He has a tattoo on each arm and another - the Egyptian eye of Horus - on the back of his skull.
Seth again is the instigator of strife in the kingdom, for he has mutilated the eye of Horus, who in retaliation has mutilated the testicles of his brother Seth (Griffiths 24, 12).
The ancient Egyptian symbol of the Eye of Horus is also believed to represent the Third Eye or the pineal gland.
The Eye of Horus Many Egyptians deeply believe in the effects of the evil eye.