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the movement of the eyes

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The fact that there is only one type of nervous input to any EOM indicates that all muscle fibres contribute to saccades, pursuit and vergence eye movements.
In a memory test, participants' eye movements picked the right answer even when the participant failed to, Deborah Hannula and Charan Ranganath, both of the University of California, Davis, report in the Sept.
introduces the VideoNystagmoGraphyVNG ULMER[R], a complete eye movement analysis device intended for nystagmography examinations.
The Sideways project by Lancaster University researchers uses software to locate faces and eye movements of shoppers captured on camera, the BBC reported.
It might be better to observe eye movements with Frenzel's lenses or with videonystagmography.
During the category task, the researchers required the subjects to make eye-movements to visual cues at various positions on the computer screen, but the subjects still had to categorize the visual patterns at the same time that they made these eye movements.
The VisioNetx division markets patented products that track and analyze human eye movements.
Their eye movements tended to fall behind the moving object and then catch up again using rapid eye movements called "saccades".
The volunteers wore a helmet with sensors that relayed head and eye movements to a computer.
Every product line has, at its core, a hardware-software combination that solves real human problems, ranging from the growing of new bone by distraction osteogenesis to the scanning of eye movements to ensure that an employee is clear-headed when performing a critical task.
However, he thinks eye movements could be part of the next generation of a more established biometric, iris scans, which are already used in some airports and private companies, and in a countrywide ID effort in India.
While a camera captures their eye movements, they can move a cursor with their gaze or type on an on-screen keyboard by staring at individual keys.
Whether it be mechanically-induced growth of bone to correct human deformity, analysis of eye movements to diagnose medical conditions, or detection of psychomotor impairment to create safer highways and workplaces, we have a consistent approach.
Washington, August 31 ( ANI ): Scientists have devised a new low-cost method, which promises to detect certain neurological disorders by studying eye movements.
Our study focused on how eye movements might contribute to our effortless ability to recognize objects at different locations," explains DiCarlo.