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a drop from an eye dropper


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a method of irrigating the eye used by ophthalmologists

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Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser has progressed through the field of over 1,200 entries to win the "Johnson & Johnson Award for Best Medical Device Innovation" at the Medical Futures Innovation Awards (MFIA) 2005 ceremony held at Old Billingsgate, London on 3 November 2005.
It is well documented that current eye drop regimens can be confusing to patients, creating non-compliance issues and incorrect dosing.
This was true for Tony Cowburn, director of Medication Planning and the brains behind the app, when he found himself prescribed eye drops following a series of eye operations.
Opticare(R) is one of a range of specialist eye drop dispensers made by Cameron Graham Limited; a UK based family run business dedicated to the provision of products that promote patient independence.
The current single-API steroid and antibiotic eye drop choices for physicians and patients create compliance and cost issues for each of the parties involved.
In ophthalmics, Othera is developing topical eye drop products for age-related diseases, including some of the leading causes of blindness.
The Rohto Cooling Eye Drop line has an assortment of cooling solutions for a variety of symptoms to refresh, moisturize and provide fast-acting relief for irritated eyes:
Suitable for contact lens wearers and the only ophthalmic eye drop with the coveted Vegetarian Society approval, Eyesiccal is ideal for those that are preservative reactive and chemical adverse," he added.
It is the first macrolide antibiotic available in a stable eye drop formulation, with a broad spectrum adapted to the vast majority of bacteria responsible for common eye infections.
Neuroptix's technology has demonstrated successful preclinical predictive diagnostic results as the company develops its diagnostic platform - which consists of a laser eye scanning device combined with an eye drop which specifically identifies Alzheimer's-related proteins found in the lens of the eye.
Ohr Pharmaceutical has developed a novel eye drop formulation of Squalamine for the treatment of wet-AMD, designed for self-administration, which may provide several potential advantages over the FDA approved current standards of care which require intravitreal injections directly into the eye.
025% of 10 ml, Nasal Spray Azelastine Hcl 140 meg, Fluticasone Propionate 50 mg, Eye Drop Moxifloxacin Hcl 0.
We are excited to have reached the halfway point in the enrollment of our Squalamine Eye Drop study," said Dr.
The use of a special viscous eye drop, with the viscosity provided by a carbomer 'gel' formulation similar to that used for various ocular lubricants in dry eye (see OT August 13 2010), substantially extends the time period of antibiotic drug coverage from that achievable with inclusion of hypromellose polymer into eye drops; the drug retention time can extend out to 12 hours (Figure 7).
Phase II Study of OT-551 Eye Drop Enrolls First Patient with Bilateral Geographic Atrophy Associated with Age-Related Macular Degeneration