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Flemish painter who was a founder of the Flemish school of painting and who pioneered modern techniques of oil painting (1390-1441)

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Having established the supremacy of poetry in the introductory chapter, Eyck presents the case histories of the anthems of seventeen European countries.
an audio/visual content creation studio, at 315 Ten Eyck Street in East Williamsburg.
Commissioned from Van Eyck by a member of the Arnolfini family, textile merchants from Lucca, it was executed in 1434.
Ten Eyck earned a bachelor's degree from the Oregon College of Education in Monmouth and a master's degree from Oregon State University.
Van Eyck is a seven-story, 150,521-square-foot asset situated on nearly eight acres at 7007 College Boulevard.
There are only 22 known works of van Eyck in the world today, many of them vibrant visual articulations of the Catholic faith which imbued the culture of the time.
Neither a historical novel nor a conventional novel, Van Eyck et les rivieres cuts across the linear fabric of prose, alternating narrative chapters and introspective poetry, linguistic fireworks and philosophical musings, a poetic travelogue chronicling towns and rivers, stone and brick, medieval roads and the modern freeway.
Late that night Sheriff Ten Eyck was awakened and informed - surprise
For instance, in the Serf-Portrait chapter, the author gives Jan van Eyck the distinction of being foremost, or "one of the first.
Kuhn renders the scene in flat planes of color: Van Eyck meets ikea.
Franchot Tone, Erich von Stroheim, Anne Baxter, Peter Van Eyck and Fortunio Bonanova star.
Scrutinizing five centuries' worth of Western art, Hackney discovered "optical artifacts" in paintings by Holbein, Van Eyck, and Raphael--sudden shifts in perspective, multiple vanishing points, and other effects that wouldn't suggest themselves to an artist's naked eye.
From Van Eyck to Bruegel" is a large show that keeps stopping you in your tracks, for all kinds of reasons.
Joker Jake Mangel-Wurzel was flummoxed when The Diary revealed that his portrait was painted by Flemish artist Jan Van Eyck in the 15th century and now hangs in a cathedral in Ghent, Belgium.