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The extrusive rocks of the Sambava-Vohemar area are products of volcanic activity related to the Marion Hotspot, which, it is believed, was very active in the Upper Cretaceous (Meert and Tamrat, 2006; Torsvik et al.
The term was used initially to designate serpentinite and later on, a suite of mafic and ultramafic intrusive rocks (ultramafic rocks, gabbro, and diabase) and volcanic extrusive rocks (Brongniart 1821).
The greenstones, or volcanic extrusive rocks, form distinct belts.
The property is underlain by a northeast striking belt of basic intrusive and extrusive rocks intercalated with metasedimentary rocks and intruded by quartz feldspar porphyry and felsitic rocks.
Redton initially focused on the area because it displayed a concentration of high gold values that corresponded with alkali intrusive and extrusive rocks.
Gamma ray spectrometry has been useful in determining the anomalous potassium, uranium and thorium concentration interpreted as alteration halos and linear discontinuities, associated with intermediate intrusive / extrusive rocks (Dickson and Scott, 1997).
Resting unconformably on these units are volcanic rocks of the Elenita (Triassic-Jurassic) and Henrietta (Jurassic) Formations, both intruded by plutons of Jurassic age--the extrusive rocks are the remnants of a volcanic arc which once extended from California into the Mexican state of Durango.