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Two auriferous marker horizons, defined by the presence of cherty iron formations and felsic extrusive rocks are folded, and continue for a distance of 12,000 metres.
Redton initially focused on the area because it displayed a concentration of high gold values that corresponded with alkali intrusive and extrusive rocks.
Geologically, the project area is a 15 million year old volcanic eruptive center dominated by a bi-modal suite of flow domes, dikes, and extrusive rocks that were intensively and extensively altered and mineralized by a hydrothermal system of the same age.
The property covers a sequence of intrusive and extrusive rocks that are host to a number of known occurrences of nickel, copper, PGM's and gold.
There was abundant disseminated and stringer sulfphid mineralizatiuon in the extrusive rocks and associated quartz veining.