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the point located farthest from the middle of something

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And now one of only three people to have conquered four of the world's most extreme points, he says he feels honoured.
The method of detecting extreme points on the DOG Gaussian pyramid isy with each pixel as the center, to compare the central pixel with its adjacent 26 pixels (8 pixels in the same layer with the central pixels, both 9 pixels in the up and down layers of central pixel).
Also due to the height difference between the extreme points of the water pipeline, an extremely strong water pressure of 40 atm was created.
Researchers simply drew a rectangle around the extreme points of each autograph and measured the area per letter.
He says there is little reason to give them a standalone status as illnesses, regarding them simply as more extreme points of the same mental health spectrum as everyone else.
Hayes is best known for reaching the three extreme points of the Earth; the North Pole, South Pole and Mount Everest in the shortest period of time (one year & 217 days) earning him his first Guinness World Record in 2008.
The rapid oscillation between having the source completely blocked (lower extreme points in [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3A OMITTED]) and having the source completely exposed (upper extreme points) is the result of the frequency mismatch between the frame rate and the chopper frequency.
Sabedra, 53, who will act in two minor roles in the play, said he deliberately blurred the extreme points of view presented by the media because few controversies fall into such stark categories.
I am not usually endeared to extreme points of view, but I am going to argue that it is extremely unwise to use aminoglycoside-containing otic drops to treat middle ear disease, especially considering what we know about inner ear toxicity--not to mention what lawyers know about it.
93] = -176 nm falls slightly to the left of the straight line connecting the two extreme points.
Undoubtedly the group's decision rule will matter here; a requirement of unanimity, for example, may well produce a shift toward the most extreme points, at least if those with the most extreme views are least tractable and most confident.
It compares through time and space decontextualized extreme points (of the contemporaneous ranges of expression), not the contextualized range of human action.
For example, in his sketch of the folk theorem for repeated games, Rubinstein points out that his construction only covers outcomes in the relevant convex hull with rational weights on the extreme points and tells the reader where to look up the more complicated construction for the other points (with some irrational weights).
While some blame the media for focusing on the extreme points of view at both ends of the ideological spectrum, Appleby disagrees: "The media did not create the problems.