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the point located farthest from the middle of something

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1], we will exhibit two extreme points of its unit ball at distance less than one.
coming from some of the most extreme points on the religious (especially, Catholic) right over the recent Supreme Court non-decision regarding the Obamacare contraceptive requirement (Page 14) is a bit like the squeals of kids who get trophies just for participating.
Americans are also about evenly matched at the most extreme points on the scale, with 20% opting for position "5," the most active possible government, and 17% opting for position "1," the most limited government.
These might seem like abstract points to consider, but they are only there to reflect the most extreme points of New Zealand's future potential.
While these two extreme points of view clash throughout the film, causing the main tension in the story, we must ask ourselves why we the viewers find ourselves immediately siding with Jude, when the director specifically leaves the real state of the baby's health ambiguous in the story.
After the extreme points of the original image are coordinated in the operation, match the two images by using the adaptive basis functions to get a common adaptive basis function.
The extreme points (operating window) were set as +/- Alpha value and based on that points the software dispensed the high and low settings for the factorial points.
The example shows that extreme points (optima) EX1 and EX2 are in forbidden areas, so boundary values are acceptable minimums.
With summiting K2, Dubai-based adventurer Adrian Hayes has become one 
of three people to have conquered four of the world's most extreme points.
ere are some extreme points where if you're not good enough there's nowhere to hide.
The second edition is revised for clarity and simplification where possible in some proofs, and includes new short sections on linear programming, extreme points for polyhedra, and a Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation problem.
Firstly we should processing image with two dimensional Gaussian filter function before detecting extreme points.
Hayes is best known for reaching the three extreme points of the Earth; the North Pole, South Pole and Mount Everest in the shortest period of time (one year & 217 days) earning him his first Guinness World Record in 2008.
So, we're developing a risk overlay idea -- that there are six key risk areas that affect the portfolio and what we're going to do is find ways to measure that risk and develop strategies for when they get to extreme points.
The contrast at these extreme points is between "all for all" and "all for one.