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When tested for zanamivir susceptibility, an extreme outlier that had a 73-fold increase in [IC.
Each of these failed grades (6 total) were extreme outliers, which suggested that the assignment of a failed grade was accurate and not due to false classification (assignment of a fail grade when the true assignment should have been a pass grade).
These isolates respectively demonstrated a 53x and 30x reduction in zanamivir susceptibility (Table) and were extreme outliers (data not shown).
The recommendation is to test the least extreme outlier as if it were the only outlier.
If an extreme outlier value is added at either end, the line is affected significantly, but the R-square can actually increase because, with the new extreme value, the total squared differences increase and the line tries to minimize the total differences.
The pre-lab performance (Order to Collect) is where most of the extreme outliers occur, a finding that is often seen in ED testing.
04 supports most hardware under the sun, but you may have trouble with older hardware or extreme outliers.
They were asked to report the class in which the most extreme outliers occurred.
Unlike distributions such as life expectancy and height, there can be extreme outliers for catastrophe losses, which can be 10, 20 or even 100 times the average value.
Edward Bernacki of Johns Hopkins University and Larry Yuspeh of the Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corporation spearheaded a similar study of extreme outliers in medical treatment.