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radical or extremely liberal

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According to the study conducted by the Juan March Foundation and Duke University in the US, moderate voters are more likely to cast a protest vote than those on the extreme left or extreme right of the political spectrum.
Academy schools were actually brought in by Labour under Tony Blair (the party that kicked out the extreme Left and for a good reason).
While the motorcyclists, who are directed by traffic police, to use extreme left lane, also have to face problems because of lane violations by road users.
5"), but are accompanied by her less well-known and equally arresting studies of people in conditions of extreme poverty from her travels in Cuba, Haiti, the American South, and inner city neighborhoods and of American political figures and rallies from the extreme left and the extreme right, all in b&w, and magisterial in their depictions of the pathos and nobility of the people and scene.
O'Malley claims to be a practicing Catholic but considers anything supported by the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party to be the right thing to do.
In his editorial "Moratorium allows for time to create a way forward" (December 2008), Keith Knight views those in the Anglican Church advocating same-sex marriage as the extreme left wing and those opposed as the extreme right wing.
You will note that Roger, extreme left standing next to me, hadn't time to do his laces up
The inability of the Americans on the extreme left and the extreme right to engage in political discourse (which makes Punishment Park so enervating to sit through) has been writ large across blue states and red states.
A Political pundit friend of mine recently opined that 15 percent of the American population is on the extreme right of issues, 15 percent is on the extreme left and the rest of us are somewhere between.
Reiner, an unabashed occupier of the extreme left, is touring California promoting his proposed ballot measure, which would increase California income tax rates to finance a new ``universal preschool'' scheme.
It was dead on the extreme left of the highway just inside the white line and on top of the warning ruts that are cut on the shoulder of the road.
Muqtedar Khan decries the "aggressive anti-religiosity of the extreme left.
Italy suffered from shootings by terrorists from the extreme left and bombings blamed on terrorists on the extreme right in the 1970s and 1980s.
Critics suspect MHP has not changed since its right-wing radicals, the Bozkurtlar (Grey Wolves), fought bloody street battles with the extreme left in the 1970s.
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