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Synonyms for ultraviolet

having or employing wavelengths shorter than light but longer than X-rays

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The report notes that many of the cities for which UV levels are indexed by the National Weather Service have very high or extreme UV radiation levels more than 20 percent of the year.
and Royal Philips Electronics today announced that they have signed an agreement for the transfer of Philips' Extreme UV business to Ushio's 100% subsidiary XTREME Technologies GmbH, subject to required regulatory approvals and conditions.
Tinuvin 353 FF, which imparts good thermal stability to fibers, is a new blend of hindered amine stabilizers and benzotriazole uv absorbers for use under extreme uv conditions.
Working in tandem with the company's Super Spot MAX UV lamps to produce an integrated curing system, FibreFire is capable of delivering extreme UV light intensity for a number of applications, including inks and coatings.
They suggest that for an extended period the primitive sun emitted extreme UV at an intensity as high as that observed today in newborn stars of similar mass.
USHIO acquired full ownership of XTREME technologies in 2008, and purchased the assets of Phillips Extreme UV in 2010, to aggressively promote the research and development of EUV light sources.
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